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Let your pet experience the exciting results of a Maplewood South pet grooming near me! Treating them to a spa day will do wonders for both you and your pet. It can be an ideal time due to some sort of schedule that makes you unable to take care of your pet for a day. There can be plenty of other reasons, though.

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For instance, if you are on a trip and can’t take care of them for a long time, or perhaps you just want to show your pet a great time. It will be a wonderful way of showing affection. A lot of the times our professional groomers will provide services that you may not have the time or equipment for. This way, we can clean those parts of your animal that are difficult and otherwise hard to do yourself at home.

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There are other services and packages that we offer though. Although this article is intended to focus on grooming and its benefits, you can blend or pick and choose from other services to give your pet the ultimate combination. This is a great way to treat your pet whenever you may not be around. Speaking of long trips, we have a solution for keeping watch of your pets that you may prefer over kennels. Our packages are designed to help with the busy pet owner who may not have the time to devote all the love and affection to their pets that they wish to.

Give your little furry friend the spa day they deserve!

Pet Boarding

When you are looking to have your pet taken care of while away, consider our pet boarding. You can use this service when you are on the go. Whether that is a short vacation or an extended stay. It could very well just be a weekend business trip but the fact remains, you’ve got to find a place for your pet. While we all would like to take our pets with us, sometimes it’s just not feasible at the time.

If you do decide to take your pet to our resort, we offer some incredible amenities. Our lot is 4-acres large and there is an even bigger park right next to us. This is a perfect location for walks and playtime, plus, you can access any of our 24 exercise rooms or simply stay comfortable in your own suite. These aren’t just any size rooms, they are fully furnished luxury condos for pets. Complete with beds, TVs and ambient lighting! With the option to add or change activities and services such as pet grooming, you can totally customize your pet’s excursion.


You won’t have to worry about losing out if you don’t get the extended stay package. All of these options are available to the doggy day-trippers who will only be our guests for the morning or afternoon. We model our daycare similar to our boarding process and so the routines will be very similar. There will be time allotted to exercise, playtime, and even belly rubs before bed. You can also decide to add pet grooming into daycare, too. Keep in mind that this option is only available to dogs!


Another option that has seen a lot of popularity is our dog training programs. These are either individual or group services and they can go on for a few days or several weeks. It simply depends on how extensive and intensive you would like the training to be. This can range from building discipline and obedience to learning how to better service a disabled owner and how to control barking. It is a wonderful option that can be enjoyed on its own or in addition to our other packages.

Services Of Our Spa

Yet when it comes to our spa, we offer incredible services. There are a lot of features that won’t be offered in the other packages. These are some of the more sophisticated services that provide very high-quality treatments for your pets. They will be given a lavish cleanse that seeps deep into their skin and elevates their mind just as much as their body. We offer a full spectrum of grooming services from nail trimming to de-shedding.

That means you can opt to have your dog’s fur cleaned and de-matted. If you need to have your pet bathed and trimmed, we have professional groomers who can go as far as brushing their teeth. They will ensure that your animal has the most exquisite time during their stay. Their coat will be shining just as much as their teeth; notice they look and smell divine.

All of these options are provided during our pet grooming service, and you can select this as a stand-alone feature or combine it with pet boarding or daycare to give your pet the most amazing time. We aim to bring all of the amenities of a real human spa to your pet and treat them like royalty.

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Aromatherapy Available!

In addition to our spa services, we also have an aromatherapy salon to showcase. This will offer a collection of essential oils and plant extracts that are blended into protein-packed shampoos and conditioners. By opting for the full package, they can potentially receive an amazing oatmeal bath, and a scented facial with a nail treatment to match.

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With all of these amazing features, you can be sure that using our Maplewood south pet grooming near me will invigorate your pet whilst making life more convenient for you. It is the best for both worlds and we want to continue bringing this service to show the love and affection that owners around the city may not be able to provide constantly.

When you’re on the go, we’re here and ready! In order to reach one of our representatives for scheduling or reservations, simply give us a call at (281)835-4445 or visit our website for more information. Be sure to ask about our doggy day care, pet boarding, and overall pet hotel options. We look forward to working with you and your pet soon!


  • Deed restriction only allows buildings up to two stories
  • There are 5 beautiful parks in the area
  • Houston is within a 15-minute drive!
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