6 Best Pet Grooming FAQ

Pet Grooming FAQ If one or more of these pet grooming FAQ are ones you’d ask, take a look at the answers we have for you!

Pet Grooming FAQ #1.

My dog doesn’t like baths. If he has one while there will he still like to come for boarding?

ANSWER:  Few dogs would choose to jump in a pet grooming bath tub yet will delight in a puddle. Dogs are intuitive and will pick up any anxious feeling. Our bathers and stylists know just when to schmooze and reassure pets to gain trust.  Most boarding dogs learn to love their baths and grooms when scheduled on their exit date. Happiness is being fresh and clean and getting lots of attention on their way home.

Pet Grooming FAQ #2.

What can I do about excessive shedding?

ANSWER:  Evaluating your pet’s coat is among our groom staff’s first steps.  Many times clipping the coat to a shorter length is recommended. Utilizing  de-shedding tools, even hand removal of undercoat, can also lead to a cleaner, happier home without altering the length of the coat. Daily brushing promotes a healthy coat plus an opportunity to bond with your pet.

Pet Grooming FAQ #3.

Can you get the nails short so they won’t damage our wood floors?

ANSWER:  Trimming nails can be a frustrating push-me, pull-me, hold my paw just right game with the dog in charge.  Clipping nails often produces nails too long, too short or even into the painful quick.  Many professional groomers now prefer using a dremel style tool. It safely nibbles away the excess length while beveling and smoothing the nail. Extra long nails will require several nail sessions to reduce marring floors.

Pet Grooming FAQ #4.

My dog hates to be brushed.  How can I care for his coat at home?

 ANSWER:  If your dog has ever had mats or tangles, it’s possible he is fearful of brushing due to the discomfort of brushing out mats. De-matting without pain takes skill and patience. A groomer’s specialty is knowing how to counsel you on coat care that avoids mats.  Recommending an easy care trim or style may increase the enjoyment of daily brushing.  If done at the salon, de-matting requires additional time and additional cost to the price of the groom. De-matting should not be performed on a dog that has severe matting to the skin or on a dog that is elderly or has medical conditions.

Pet Grooming FAQ #5.

Cats don’t need grooming. They clean themselves, right?

ANSWER:  Yes, cats are experienced at cleaning themselves. However, changing weather conditions, static electricity in the air, even normal house hold dust can overwhelm the best of intentions. Not to mention the risk of hair balls. Daily brushing is still your best move. Groomers experienced in handling cats often have them purring after a salon appointment.  They clean and condition the feline coat while also blunting those dagger sharp nails.

Pet Grooming FAQ #6.

My dog starts shaking when he walks through the door.  Is he that nervous while he’s here?

ANSWER: Not necessarily. He may just be excited from the car ride or not sure if he is going to the vet. Once you have made an exit, your pet settles in and gets comfortable. Some dogs are actually entertained by seeing other dogs, knowing they are protected from any dog-to-dog interactions. Dogs are keen to routines and once they are familiar with the grooming process,  most handle the stress of a groom session with ease.  Especially when they’re met with all the attention that comes from being fresh and clean!

In order to help maintain a safe and comfortable experience for your pet, we do require that they are up to date with our required vaccinations. If your pet is not up to date, we advise you to visit your vet then call or click Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort at 281-835-445