Fondren 5 Star Staff Pet CPR Certified

Fondren 5 star Pet Resort CPR Certification CompletedOur staff is now pet CPR certified. We are very excited to tell you that in the Spring of 2014 we partnered with the Greater Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club to bring Casey Ferris of Pet CPR USA to train their members and our staff in pet CPR.  The training session was held on a Saturday afternoon in our training center.  This is our third training experience with Ms. Ferris and we are as pleased as we were when we first met her.  Our staff said she made the subject relevant and interesting and presented herself as a very entertaining, positive person.

Pet CPR Saves Lives

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort  would rather be prepared and never needed than helpless and ineffective in an emergency.  Did you know  over half of the visits to animal hospitals are of an emergency nature?  According to AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association)  one out of four pets in an emergency situation could be saved if just one Pet First Aid technique was applied prior to the actual veterinary treatment.

Prevention is best, being prepared is key, education and training is a must.  When pet owners and pet professionals do their part, the pets win.  We may never find ourselves in a situation where a pet’s life depended on knowing CPR but we know our staff is fully prepared.

You can learn more about first aid and other life saving techniques designed for pets by visiting Casey Farris, of Pet CPR USA.  Casey is a certified Pet First Aid & CPR instructor through Pet Tech, Inc.  Her site also has a host of tips and useful phone listings you may want to have at your fingertips.  For a class schedule e-mail: or phone 713-725-9494.