Pearland TX kennels near me

Choosing The Perfect Pearland TX Kennels Near Me

Pearland TX kennels near me

Pearland TX kennels near me

When you’re going on vacation, you want to have a relaxing experience, but for pet owners, spending a long time away from home can sometimes spell anxiety when they haven’t found Pearland TX kennels near me.

When prepping for a trip, it’s helpful to weigh all your pet-care options so you can make the best choice for you and your furry friend — because worrying about your pup is the last thing you need while you’re at the beach.

A boarding kennel gives your pet quality care while you’re out of town. Pet boarding kennels can provide you with peace of mind. Before loading Spike or Lola into the car and driving over to the nearest kennel, though, it’s essential to find the best kennel boarding before putting them in there.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Pearland TX Kennels Near Me?

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort specializes in care and overnight boarding. Your pet needs you to take good care of them. You are their parent, and they need your guidance to sustain in our modern world. When you have to be out of the city, your friends and neighbors may not have the experience or time to look after your pet, particularly for longer trips properly.

So when the next time you decide to leave your beloved pet behind for a while, leave pet care to the professionals, such as a pet sitter or boarding kennel like Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. When you put your dog into a boarding kennel, you are:

  • Avoid the stress of an extended car ride or airplane ride to your destination.
  • Your pet stays where he’s welcome (unlike many hotels).
  • Receive more attention, love, and supervision than he would if home alone most of the day.
  • Your pet is monitored by staff trained to spot health problems.
  • Be secure in a Pearland TX kennels near me made to foil canine and feline escape artists.

The potential setbacks of a boarding kennel include:

  • The stress related to staying in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar environment.
  • The proximity to other pets that can potentially expose your pet to potential health problems.
  • Looking for a kennel that accepts pets other than domestic dogs and cats.
  • The inconvenience of the drive to the destination, which can be especially hard on a pet easily stressed or car sick by car travel.
Pearland TX kennels near me

Play Time Is Essential At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort

How do I find a good kennel?

You will find Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort as a good pet kennel. As the pet owner, you can select from a variety of dog boarding suites to fit the individual needs of your pet. From our Standard suite to our VIP and Garden dog lodging suites, we are sure our resort is the right place for your dog to stay with us. Our Houston dog boarding facility is clean and safe. You can be stress-free that your pet will have the best experience when you leave them with us. Our Houston dog boarding location has the following accommodations:

  • Standard – a large, spacious enclosure for single or multiple same family dogs.
  • Standard Double – a double-wide enclosure for single dogs, multiple same-family dogs, and giant breeds.
  • Standard Patio – a large enclosure for dogs accustomed to indoor/outdoor access with its own doggie door opening toa covered patio.
  • Plaza Suite – a private luxury guest suite with floor to ceiling walls, a full view patio door, TV, ceiling fan, and thoughtfully decorated with wall coverings for dogs desiring an added measure of privacy.
  • VIP Suite – a private luxury guest suite with floor to ceiling walls, ambient lighting, a toddler bed plus a full view six-foot sliding entry door for optimum viewing.
  • Garden Suite – a private luxury guest suite with all the amenities of the VIP Suite plus doggie door access to a large covered terrace that allows independent movement between indoors and outside.

What Should I Look For?

On your visit, be sure to ask to see all the places your pet may be taken. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Is this facility look and smell clean?
  • Is there sufficient light and ventilation?
  • Will a comfortable temperature be set for my dog?
  • Is the staff knowledgeable and caring for animals?
  • Can the owner bring a pet’s exceptional food?
  • What are veterinary services available?
  • Do they offer other services, such as grooming, training, bathing?
  • What is the rate?

How do I prepare my pet?

Make sure your pet knows basic commands and is friendly around other people and pets. If your pet has a problem with aggression or is otherwise unruly, she may not be the right candidate for boarding. Make sure that she is current on vaccinations before taking your animal to the kennel.

It’s also a good idea to get your pet familiar with long kennel stays. Start by first boarding her on a short trip, such as a weekend outing. This allows you to work out any behavioral problems for an extended time before boarding your pet. Before heading to the kennel, double-check that you have medicines and exceptional food for your pet (if any), phone number for your veterinarian, and contact information for you and a local backup. Remind the staff of any medical or behavior problems that your pet has, such as an epileptic history or thunder fear.

After check-in, turn off your pet to a member of staff, say good-bye, and quit. Avoid lengthy, emotional breakdowns, which could disturb your cat. Finally, have a good trip, knowing your pet is in good hands and will be happy to see you back.

Pearland TX kennels near me

Best Dog Boarding In Houston, TX

About Pearland TX kennels Near Me Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort

With a spacious, country-like location on more than four acres, it’s no surprise why so many pet owners prefer Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. We invite you to take advantage of our hospitality and great resort activities for pets. Whether you can book in advance or call as soon as you know your pet boarding needs!

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is Southwest Houston’s award-winning pet care facility and is recommended by leading veterinarians in a tri-county area. Although our address says Missouri City, our pet resort is located within Houston city limits, allowing us to provide excellent pet care for Bellaire residents, West U, University Place, The Meadows, Med Center, and all parts of Southwest Houston, TX. Our pet resort is proud to offer Missouri City, Sugar Land, and Richmond pet boarding in Ft. Also in Brazoria County, in Bend County and Pearland, TX.

We are licensed and approved by the City of Houston’s BARC (Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control) to offer fully quality care for all of our pet guests.

Be sure to call us at (281) 835-4445  to get started! Allow us to accommodate your pet with our Pearland TX kennels near me with our luxury amenities and hospitality.

Fun Facts About Pearland Texas

  1. Pearland is one of the only two Texas cities to average double-digit growth within a five-year period!
  2. Pearland also has two airports!
  3. The city is known as the “Agricultural Eden!”
  4. Learn more about Pearland here!