Pearland TX Doggy Day Care Near Me

Are you searching “Pearland TX doggy day care near me?” Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers 20 years of experience for owners. We understand how important your fur babies are to you. For that reason, we offer various services for dogs, cats, birds, and pocket animals. Of course, dogs get the most options when it comes to our facility.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was established in 1999 by JoAnn Ellis. She was searching for a dog boarding facility for her dogs. She wanted spacious areas and resort activities. However, the more JoAnn looked, the harder her objective became. So, she stopped her search and established her own facility.

Pearland TX doggy day care near me

Take your dog to daycare to prevent destructive behavior.

JoAnn purchased a plot of land near Sam Houston Tollway, Highway 90A, and US 59 Highway. She worked closely with a pet-friendly architect in order to ensure the facility was safe and comfortable for all animals. Now, it is thriving with dog-loving staff members.

Pet parents can truly take advantage of dog daycare by scheduling it today. Our team will work with you closely to answer any questions and reserve the correct days for your dog. Daycare is super beneficial for owners and their dogs. Many do not realize the benefits daycare encompasses. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is capable of providing these benefits and so much more.

Pearland TX Doggy Day Care Near Me

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort’s doggy daycare is held inside a two-acre dog park. The park is full of trees for shade and open grassy areas for running. Dog parents will notice this space is more than enough for their dog. The large area gives dogs plenty of space to run, bark, jump, and more. Our team members will be nearby to ensure all dogs stay safe and play is healthy.

We have a few different options when it comes to daycare. Firstly, parents can choose from full or half days. Secondly, they can choose what days they want their dog to visit. Full and half-days are held Monday through Friday. Saturday is only made up of a half-day, and Sunday is only for dogs that are boarding with us.

In the case of payment, owners can pay as they go, or they can purchase a Pre-Pay Pass. This pass can have ten, twenty, thirty days loaded on it. Once the pass gets low, our staff members will inform you. You can load it again over the phone or the next time you visit.

Our daycare is also an option for those that are boarding at our facility. Owners can choose a daycare or from a list of activities for their dog. Daycare alongside boarding is a great opportunity for owners to get their dogs outside of their suite. They can socialize and frolic over our entire dog park.

Pearland TX doggy day care near me

Your dog will be happier from daycare.

Before dogs can stat having fun in daycare, they must meet the following criteria.

  • All dogs are temperament tested
  • Dogs of all ages are welcome as long as they are spayed or neutered
  • All dogs must be healthy and up to date on their vaccinations
  • Dogs require a reservation

Find more about our doggy daycare by visiting our website.

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

There are many benefits of doggy daycare for dogs and their owners. Many do not realize these benefits come with daycare. Many dog owners must leave their furry friends at home by themselves. This can lead to issues like boredom and anxiety. Subsequently, your dog will perform destructive behaviors such as chewing on furniture or wires. Prevent these issues by taking them to doggy daycare.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of daycare is owners will have peace of mind. They will no longer have to worry about what their dog is doing at home. Instead, they know their dog is getting plenty of exercise, socialization, and enjoyment. Daycare eliminates the guilt of placing the dog in the pin or leaving them at home by themselves. So, call Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort in order to learn more or schedule a daycare day.


Exercise is essential in a dog’s life. The most active dogs need at least thirty minutes of physical activity a day. However, many times that number is higher. Exercise keeps dogs fit and helps them burn off extra energy. Without exercise, dogs will gain weight. Overweight dogs can develop arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and more. Stave off these issues by taking them to doggy daycare. They will get plenty of exercises while there.


Pearland TX doggy day care near me

Obtain peace of mind by taking your dog to daycare.

If you are leaving your dog at home all day, then they can easily get bored or stressed. This leads them to chew on pillows, blankets, wires, and more. Your dog could easily get into something that could harm them. Instead, eliminate this threat and take them to daycare. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has several staff members who will watch over the dogs, so they are playing safe and having fun. Plus, they won’t be eating anything they shouldn’t.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

As we have mentioned already, anxiety can lead to destructive behaviors. Chewing is a common way that dogs alleviate such stress, and if they do not have adequate toys, then it may be the couch. Dogs are also capable of developing depression, which stress, anxiety, loneliness may cause. Daycare will reduce these ailments in your dog by providing a fun and engaging place to play. Owners will certainly see a change in their dog’s behavior.

Contact Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort Today

As you can see, doggy daycare is a great option for dogs. It provides them with a friendly and fun environment. It also helps stay healthy physically and mentally. Our staff members will care for your fur baby. Each of our members is trained by the Dog Gurus, who wrote the book on safe dog play.

So, contact us today by calling (281) 835-4445. Owners can also contact us via the online form. Regardless, dogs will get the same great care and benefits of daycare. Dog owners can stop searching “Pearland TX doggy day care near me” and start calling today.

Facts about Pearland

  • Pearland stretches into three different counties! (Brazoria, Fort Bend, Harris)
  • The population jumped more than 50,000 in 10 years!
  • The city’s original name was “Mark Belt!”
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