New Year Resolutions

New Road For 2017

It’s Time To Choose Your Route for 2017!

Resolutions Heading into 2017!

It’s important to make healthy New Year’s Resolutions for the whole family including your pets. We’d like to challenge you to add some of these activities to your calendar as you make your new year resolutions.

1. Walk More!

With a new dog in my household, I’m finding out I can add an hour a day for dog walks. I had to make some choices to add walks and designate this time for this resolution but I now consider it a “no brainer” for my health and that of my pet.

2. Play More!

I weighed my options and came up with some activities that are social for both myself and my pet. After passing the Canine Good Citizen test, I feel more confident taking my dog to dog parks for fun and exercise. We are also visiting the dog friendly Houston eateries where dogs are welcome on the outdoor patios.

3. Learn something new!

We are both learning how to “walk nicely.” My dog is learning to walk without pulling and I am learning to stop the walk when he pulls. The fun simply stops if there is pulling. It takes a team effort to have enjoyable walks together.

4. Make an appointment with the vet.

March is our annual visit! Best tip ever…get your pet’s tri annual vaccines BEFORE their anniversary date. Even a day late and they’ll revert to annual vaccinations.

5. Groom more, if not daily!

I started using the dremel electric filing tool on my dog’s nails once each week when he was just a young puppy.  His nails are more developed now than they were then and it has really paid off!  Although it’s not his favorite activity, he now accepts nail filing as a normal routine, knowing there’s something fun happening after every nail session.

6. Update Pet ID info.

As a puppy my dog was chipped with AKC’s Home Again microchip.  There is an annual renewal fee so each December an email alert is sent asking for phone and address updates. If you’ve had any changes, such as a new veterinarians, be sure to add this new info as well.

7. Improve your diet!

My fridge and pantry are stocked with more raw and natural foods and less processed foods. There are raw carrots, raw recreational chew bones and Himalayan chews along with quality kibble for my dog. I may pay a little more but I actually get better nutrition. PS…remember to check into essential oils for pets.  There are more natural products available for dogs than just diet.

8. Socialize more.

How many people know you have a dog and how many know his/her name? Do you know how many friends your dog has? It’s common now for dogs to have their own Facebook page. I’m just sayin.  Daycare play groups provide a great social area for dogs of all ages.  I see dogs every day that rush out to the play yard to mingle off leash with their same species friends.

9. Spend more time on dental hygiene.

Remember the adage “A penny or a pound?” I use a finger brush and doggie toothpaste every-other-day. The plastic finger tooth brush stays on your finger best when the inside is dampened with water first. The cost of less than 5 minutes of time and a half inch ribbon of toothpaste is 180° away from the cost of medical dental procedures.

10. Consider fostering!

Not everyone can or should foster but for those that do it is a most rewarding experience. Years ago, during my first fostering experience, I was told by a knowledgeable person that the foster pets know that you are not their forever home. A safe refuge from homelessness is the first step of their journey. You harbor their relief, not their resentment. If you’re worried you’ll end up as a foster flunky, (a homeless pet comes in but never leaves) there are many options available for you to contribute.
Just ask the helpful staff at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort for help with any of these resolutions or any others you may have. We hope you will resolve to do the best you can with what you have to enjoy time with your pet or pets in the new year. You have our best wishes!