Sugar Land TX Resort

Are you looking for a Sugar Land TX resort for your pet? Look no further, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the best Sugar Land pet hotel. We have friendly staff and nightly prices for pet owners. Fondren can be found in an excellent location in Missouri City. This location makes us perfect for those looking for pet hotels in Sugar Land. We also are conveniently located for those living in Houston, TX.

In fact, we are located in the Houston city limits, so we are the perfect distance for those who live in the Greater Houston area. Fondren prides itself in offering our services to as many as we can and as best as we can. It is important pets get the best possible care when you are traveling. That is why we offer a full suite of services to dog and cat owners when they have to leave their furry friends behind.

Your pet should be staying in similar resorts or hotels that you are when your away. That is why Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers premium services and products to our guests. Dogs, cats, avian, and pocket pets are all available to stay in our 5-star pet resort. We take pride in our services and know the pet owners will see that. For these reasons, we are a perfect choice for various types of animal boarding.

Avian and pocket pet boarding

Fondren is happy to board avian and pocket pets!

Avian and Pocket Pet Boarding

Many pet owners are surprised at the fact that we also board avian and pocket pets. Parrots and Conyers are just a few examples of birds that have a great time at Fondren. We have a boarding area near the reception desk, which seems to keep the engaged consistently. The constant activity of people and other animals keeps them interested while you are traveling.

On the other hand, we can also board ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Pet owners have been delighted with the services we provide for these pocket pets. They are fed at least twice a day with constant access to water. We also offer gourmet treats for special times of the day, and we frequently clean their cages. Avian and pocket pets are always welcome at our pet resort.

Dog Daycare

Dogs need a time and place to expel all of their built-up energy. Luckily, Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has the solution: daycare. Our daycare services offer dog owners a place for their pets to socialize, enjoy a two-acre area, and expel all of the energy they need. Human lives are full of responsibilities, and there are times when our dogs can be neglected. That said, doggy daycare is the best way around that problem.

Fondren’s doy daycare services give dogs time to run around, bark, jump, and dig all they want. These habits can show up if they are not allowed to expel their energy, which can cause problems at home. Bring them to Fondren for them drain all of that energy out of them. You will be happy to know Fondren has many requirements for dogs to enter our daycare, so your pup is in good hands.

All dogs are required to go through a temperament test before their first day of daycare. This helps us gauge how your dog will react with strangers, other dogs, and different environments. We also invite shy dogs to join because the socialization will help them become more active around others. Regardless of your dog’s temperament, we ensure your dog will be taken care of by our friendly and experienced staff.

Spacious Dog Resort

Our doggy daycare takes place right in our own private dog park.

Dog Training

Doggy daycare is a great way to expel bad habits such as barking, digging, and jumping. However, your dog spending all their energy doesn’t always get rid of unwanted habits. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers dog training for owners who may have a hard time training their dog. You may be too busy, or your dog may just be really stubborn. Our resort offers four different ways to train your dog with a skilled trainer.

The first type of training we offer are individual lessons. These lessons spend 45 minutes to an hour with a skilled instructor with just you and your pooch. Our trainer will show you the proper techniques to train your dog and may give you insight as to why they are performing such actions.

If one-on-one training is not your cup of tea, then maybe group classes are your type of pace. Dog parents and their pooches meet once a week for five weeks to train with an instructor. Group classes can help your dog socialize more, which may be a point the trainer will touch. Furthermore, if you want a more extensive training experience for your dog, then our Lodge and Learn program is the best option.

Sugar Land TX Resort

Dogs will love our Sugar Land TX Resort.

Dogs who attend our lodge and learn will have 21 days of training sessions with a trainer. These are one-on-one sessions that will help expel on the bad habits your dog may have. Trainers will teach your dog important obedience commands, which you will get to view on the last day of training.

Finally, the last kind of session you can try out is a refresh training while they lodge. If your dog is going to be staying with us, then it never hurts to get refresh training. Your dog will get a session of training while you are away traveling. These sessions are great if you want your dog to continue the training you have been performing at home or if you just want to give your dog a refresher.

You’ve Found A Sugar Land TX Resort

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers all kinds of services for dogs, cats, and many other types of animals. We offer premium services and products to our guests with a large selection of packages. Pet parents will be happy with their stay here, and we hope they enjoy visiting the pet resort while you are away. The pet boarding services at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort are unlike any other facility.

If you are interested in what Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has to offer, then give us a call at (281) 835-4445. For those who are interested in our services then you can find more information on our website. You no longer have to search for a Sugar Land TX resort for your pet because Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the best option.

Fun Facts about Sugar Land

  • Sugar Land was a company town for over 50 years before it incorporated in 1959 with a population of 2,259.
  • In 2013, Sugar Land boasted a population of 84,511.
  • Sugar Land Town Square covers 1.2 acres providing a public plaza for community-wide events and gatherings.
  • Find more fun facts about Sugar Land here.