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Sugar Land TX animal boarding is for pet parents. We treat your pets as the top priority when they come to us for help. We do our best to treat your pets with the care they deserve. After all, you, as pet parents, have responsibilities to take care of throughout the day. Sometimes you can’t help but leave your pet at home while you tend to essential activities in your life. Therefore, pet boarding is ideal for your pet! They can have experience bliss while you’re away.

Pet Resort

Get your dog to come to our resort as a Christmas gift.

We want the best for our furry friends just like you do. Thus, we have a range of activities we offer for them that can help them have better manners, get exercise, and be happy. As an owner, it can be challenging to balance your pet’s needs with your own. The delicate balance is essential to maintain happiness in both of your relationships. However, sometimes you can use a helping hand to assist you now and again. That’s where we come in! Our Sugar Land pet hotel is all about giving your pet the attention and care they need throughout the day.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about your pets as you leave to work. We can take care of them for you. For dogs, we have a feature called dog daycare, where you can let your pet roam our vast dog park. Your pet should feel the luxury of having a fun day for themselves. Let us deliver beautiful moments for your dogs to share with other dogs at our resort. Plus, we provide a safe environment for your dogs to play in when they’re here. We’ll provide maximum supervision to make sure your pet is always taken care of.

Sugar Land TX animal boarding for Your Furry Friends

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has a country-like setting on more than four acres. We’re an award-winning pet care facility in Southwest Houston. No to mention, we’re also recommended by leading veterinarians in the area. We want to provide the best care we can when your pets come to our facility. Therefore, we have set up numerous activities for them to engage in with other of our furry friends. Happiness is our specialty to implement. Our location allows us to provide outstanding pet care for residents of Bellaire, West U, University Place, the Med Center, and The Meadows.

Plus, we’re licensed and approved by the City of Houston’s BARC to offer fully proven quality care. Therefore, you can count on us to keep your pet safe, secure, and happy while they’re with us. We’re a family-owned resort established in 1999. JoAnn Ellis began searching for quality pet care that offered outdoor space for romping along with other activities for pets. Sugar Land TX animal boarding was born as she saw the opportunity to build her resort due to a lack of spacious accommodations. Now we have a team that continues to dedicate their time to pets.

Our owner JoAnn Ellis along with Vicki Ellis and Susan Belden, make up the management team of our facility. We have awards and affiliations that truly mark our establishment as a premier resort to be in. However, if it weren’t for your business, we wouldn’t have been able to make this resort what it is today. Therefore, we genuinely value your time. Plus, we have discounts that benefit our customers when choosing us. For instance, we have a 10% discount on guests who stay twenty-one days or longer with an advanced deposit. No one does Sugar Land TX animal boarding better.

Other Services We Provide

Sugar Land Doggy Classes

Sugar Land dog classes

Our dog boardings are spacious and climate-controlled. Additionally, they’re designed for their comfort and safety. Your dogs can enjoy themselves when with our staff. Plus, our team loves animals and are glad to dedicate their time to them. Our dog boarding accommodations consist of standard, standard double, standard patio, plaza suite, VIP suite, and garden suite. Each one is more luxurious than the last. Because of their popularity, we encourage you to call in advance for a reservation when you need to board your dog. Reserving in advance ensures your dog will have optimal treatment and care.

We also have pampering activities for both cats and dogs. Plus, your dogs can enjoy a variety of activity packages. These activities include nature walks, belly rubs, gourmet treats, playtime, potty breaks, and even stretches. Your dog deserves to get out and stretch their legs. Why not have them do it with certified professionals who can guarantee them a good time? All of these activities are a necessity to make sure your dog is getting the optimal care and attention it needs. Thus, we go out of our way to make sure we are doing our part responsibly and diligently.

In addition to dog boarding, we also have cat boarding. They’ll get to experience Kitty Condo units, and we can provide extra room for multi-cat families. Like the boarding accommodations for dogs, the more luxurious the unit, the more spacious and options it has. Our units start from a single condo to a VIP suite that has a toddler-sized bed and floor to ceiling walls. Also, we have a climbing structure cats can play on to test their feline abilities. As you can see, we only want the best for your furry friend.

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Animal boarding can also be a way for pets and owners to connect. Our dog training sessions allow for a one-on-one connection between a pet owner and their pet to strengthen their bond. Our dog park enables many memories to be made while at our facility. So, what are you waiting for? Come to our establishment so your pet can get the care and attention they need. Call us at (281) 835-44445 if you’d like your pet to live in luxury while you’re away. After all, like you, your pet only lives once. Why not treat them once in a while to the best Sugar Land TX animal boarding facility in the area.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • Sugar land was the first community with the name Community of Respect.
  • The city was a company town for over fifty years.
  • Sugar Land has had five city halls.
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