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If you need a Sugar Land Pet Hotel to board your pet while you’re away, you should only choose the best of the best. Unfortunately, there are a lot of hidden risks to an uncomfortable boarding experience. When you return, your pet may exhibit new problem behaviors as a result of excessive boredom and pent-up energy. Additionally, if the pet lodging facility you selected was not upstanding and reputable, you may even come home to a sick pet!

Fortunately, you can avoid these scary problems by reserving a room for your pet at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. We live up to our name by providing more than just lodging for your pet. At our resort, we provide an experience. Your dog’s days will be full of fun activities, delicious treats, and pampering plusses, that they’ll hardly notice that you left them behind! Our dog boarding offers a wide range of options. Keep reading to learn more about our resort and the full suite of service we provide to visiting pets.

Sugar Land Pet Hotel

Sugar Land Pet Hotel Outdoor Activities

What Makes This Sugar Land Pet Hotel Great

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort provides the perfect boarding experience for your pet. All in all, we want to provide the most comfortable experience for your pet. While we have a fun-filled schedule already planned, we can easily make adjustments for your special pet. If your pet needs to stick to a routine for health or behavioral reasons, we’ll take note and your instructions will be followed closely. Besides our flexibility and superior customer service, the other benefits of our resort include:


Our resort is comfortably situated on four acres of land. On our property, we have over 20 separate exercise yards, each with a baby wading pool. This provides ample space for your pet to run around and play with others. If your dog loves to go for a stroll, one of our trainers will take them on a nature walk through a nearby park.

The interior of our location is just as impressive as the outdoor areas. Our smallest boarding room is 6 ft. by 4ft., which is large enough to allow an adult Labrador to easily stretch out. Our pet resort features six different room styles, each with its own special amenities. At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we don’t charge by the size of the dog or how many dogs you have—we charge by the size of the room. You can learn more about our different boarding accommodations here.


Many pet boarding facilities start and end with lodging. However, you’ll find much more at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. We offer several different activities to keep your furry family members entertained during their stay. You may choose the type of activities you wish your pet to take part in, based on a number of different factors. For example, we offer a Puppy Package for your young pets who need multiple outings and potty breaks. On the other hand, the T.L.C. package is great for dogs who need sensitive activities, such as stretch sessions. If your dog needs the T.L.C. package, he or she will also receive orthopedic bedding and a bedtime belly rub.

Other activities that we offer at our resort can help you get even more out of your pet’s hotel stay. Our pet grooming services are great as a separate service or can be scheduled during your pet’s stay. If your high-strung pet might benefit from our aromatherapy salon, we’re happy to schedule a session at our spa. Any vaccinated dog or cat can utilize our grooming services.

Alternatively, you can schedule dog training sessions for your dog during their stay. If your pet will be at our resort for consecutive days, you can request our refresh training to make sure that they retain their good manners. For pets with little to no obedience training, we offer a learn-and-lodge program. Over the course of twenty-one days, your pet will stay with us and learn to master the basics of obedience training. We offer a few different types of dog training classes for both dogs who lodge at our resort and those who do not. Thus, if you are interested, you can learn more about our training classes on our website.

Sugar Land Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel for Cats Sugar Land TX


Your pet deserves to be pampered. We do everything that we can at our resort to make sure that your pet doesn’t get homesick. Our facility provides 5-star service for your pets, which includes changing bedding daily, gourmet treats, and more. We also provide food and treats for your pet, at no additional charge. That being said, you can bring your pet’s favorite food and treats from home, if you prefer.

We give your pet lots of attention during their entire stay. Whether through walks and individual playtime to belly rubs and bedtime stories at night, your pets will feel like royalty.

What Type of Pets Stay at Our Pet Hotel?

Our resort provides upscale boarding and luxurious activities for dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets and more. Our requirement for boarding is that your pet has the necessary vaccinations, to permit a healthy and safe environment. That being said, our staff is willing to administer needed medications and accommodate your pet’s feeding and potty schedule. Additionally, the pet must not eat live animals, and birds and pocket pets must arrive in their own enclosures.

Each type of animal that we board has its own specific activity packages and lodging amenities. Each pet that visits Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort will have a personalized experience!

Sugar Land Pet Hotel

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Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the best of the best in terms of pet lodging. If you need someone to supervise your friendly pup during the day, consider our dog daycare. For overnight stays, you can’t go wrong with any of our boarding rooms for cats and dogs. Supplement their stay with one of our robust activity or grooming packages for a complete experience. Your pet will be just as happy to stay at our Sugar Land Pet Hotel as they are to be at home! Call us at (281) 835-4445 to get started, or make a reservation online today.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • The city has two professional minor league teams.
  • Sugar Land thrived for over 50 years before it was incorporated.
  • Many films have scenes in Sugar Land.
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