Stafford Texas Pet Resort

Pet owners will be happy to have Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort as their go-to Stafford Texas pet resort. Our services include pet boarding, pet grooming, dog training, dog daycare, and we have a private dog park. Most pet owners will find a place for their pets at our resort. Most of our services are positioned toward cat and dog owners. However, we also offer avian and pocket pet boarding.

Our 5-star pet resort is dedicated to providing the best possible services to pet owners. We have strived for excellence and a premium quality since our establishment in 1999. JoAnn Ellis searched and searched for a pet resorts with adequate outside areas for her pets. She found that most boarding businesses did not offer such adequate facilities. This prompted her to create Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers substantial outdoor areas. In fact, we have a 2-acre dog park for your pooch to run around for off-leash fun. We are conveniently located in Missouri City but are still within Houston city limits. Our location makes us a perfect distance for those in Sugar Land, Stafford, and many other Greater Houston areas. We are also licensed and approved by Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control (BARC). So, you know you are getting the best animal boarding possible.

Get Your Pet Groomed

Stafford TX Pet Resort

Give your dog a spa day at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.

Fondren is not just a resort but also a place to get your dog or cat groomed. We accept all kinds of sizes, breeds, and ages. The only two requirements we have is they are updated on their vaccinations, and they have an appointment with us. Once they are here, our stylists will be able to take any requests you have with them before they get to work.

Our stylists have an exceptional amount of training and experience in pet grooming. They can work with any breed or size of dog. We also offer spa services alongside out grooming options. The amount of time and pricing will vary depending on the features of the dog. Puppies and kittens are welcome as long as they have their immunizations. We welcome puppies because grooming helps them get used to being touched, brushed, and inspected as a whole.

Our grooming and salon services also offer the following:

  • Nail Trimming and Filing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • De-Matting and Brush-Outs
  • Fun Facials
  • Shedding Control Services
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Medicated Baths
  • Deep Condition

These services are proven to help your cat or dog look better than ever. It also helps them stay healthy and in shape.

Furthermore, we also offer aromatherapy salon services. These services are geared to reduce stress and help your dog relax. We will use citrus and coconut oils to provide relaxation. These oils and many others also help dry skin become softer and richer.

The following reasons are why you should consider a regular grooming and bathing schedule at Fondren.

  • Consistent bathing and grooming helps develop a healthy coat and skin
  •  Less shedding
  • Removal of matted hair, which could cause problems later on
  • Trimming nails protects your pet and household surfaces
  • Easy ear cleanings
  • Trained eyes may spot problems an owner may miss

Train Your Pooch

Dogs have a way of developing bad habits. They can develop these habits in several ways, but there is only way you can get rid of them: consistency. Dogs need repetition to forget the bad habits they develop. Positive reassurance also helps them. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers four different ways you can train your pooch. These services are given by skilled trainers who have years of experience with dogs.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort Training

Train your dog with our various training programs.

The four ways Fondren can train your dog is through individual lessons, group classes, refresh training, or lodge and learn. Some of these services may not be for your dog, but it never hurts to try. The individual classes are strictly one-on-one sessions with a trainer. The session lasts for 45 minutes to an hour, where they will teach common obedience techniques.

If your pooch is in the middle of training and you need someone to continue it while you are traveling, then refresh training is the best option. While your dog is staying at the resort, you can have a trainer have a session with your dog to continue the training you had started. If your dog needs multiple days of training, then lodge and learn is available. Lodge and learn is made up of 21 days of dog training. Owners will then come on the day of departure to see what their pooch as learned while at the resort.

Group Training

Our final option of training is group training. The group training includes many other dogs and owners while with a trainer. These groups meet once a week for five weeks. Now, there are different types of group training, which will vary for the owner and dog.

Our beginner’s obedience training is for new dogs over four months of age. Maybe you have a puppy that has some bad habits you want to expel early, Fondren can help you with that. The next stop is an introduction to rally obedience. Dogs of similar ages as beginners obedience are given a fun challenge. It’s fun for owners as well.

Stafford Texas Dog Training

Group training meets once a week for five weeks.

Owners can also enroll in beginner agility group training, which is specifically for dogs who have completed the basic obedience training. The agility group emphasizes safety, introduces the agility of obstacles and basic skills. Finally, our more advanced classes require dogs and owners to go through novice and intermediate dog training at our Missouri City facility.

Fondren is the Best Stafford Texas Pet Resort

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers the best services with premium facilities for pet owners. Our experienced and friendly team members will take care of your pet as well as you do. If you are interested in Fondren’s services, then give us a call at (281) 835-4445. You may also visit our website to find more information about our dog training and grooming services. We can answer any questions you may have, and we encourage you to ask about our Stafford TX, pet boarding services. Give the best Stafford Texas pet resort a call today!

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