Southwest Houston Dog Hotel

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the best Southwest Houston dog hotel. We have numerous services available to dog owners and pet owners in general. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is dedicated to giving your pets the time of their lives when they are staying with us. Dogs require ways to expel their energy. Our dog daycare and private dog park allow them to run around, make friends, and enjoy their time.

We know life can get busy. If you are too busy for your furry friend, then considering the Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is a great option. We can provide the best services for your furry friend. Pets, cats, avian, and pocket pets are all welcome at the best Southwest Houston dog hotel. Our services include dog grooming, doggy daycare, pet boarding, and obedience training. We have everything to offer pet owners.

About Us

Sugarland TX Puppy Classes

Sugarland TX Puppy Classes

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has almost four acres of land for your dog to run and play. Our facility is an award-winning pet care facility in the Hoston area. Our address reads as Missouri City, but our location sits inside of Houston city limits. That gives our clients the best possible option when trying to find a pet resort.

Furthermore, our services range from pet grooming to boarding and everything in between. What makes us different from others is that the city approves us of Houston’s BARC or Bureau of Animal Regulation and Control. Our hours of operation are 7:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Saturdays are from 8 am to 4 pm, while Sundays are from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Dog Boarding

We provide several different types of services for dogs. Each of these services is excellent for you and your canine friend. We know how important your dog is to you. We will take great care of them while they are in our care. Dogs and in general, pets are our family members. They become essential aspects of our lives that we would never live without. Let us take care of your dog.

Our dog hotel is full of options for dog owners. Our dog boarding rooms are spacious, climate-controlled, and designed to make Fido safe and comfortable. We have numerous types of suites you can select from. You can find a list of the types of rooms we offer below.

  • Standard Room – A large, spacious enclosure for a single dog or multiple family dogs.
  • Standard Double – Twice the size of our standard room, which is great for multiple dogs or giant breeds.
  • Standard Patio – An indoor and outdoor enclosure with plenty of space for any sized dog.
  • Plaza Suite – This luxury suite features a full view patio door, TV, ceiling fan, and decorated wall covers for privacy.
  • VIP Suite – Everything in the luxury suite plus ambient lighting, a toddler bed, and a sliding entryway door.
  • Garden Suite – Includes all VIP Suite amenities plus doggie door access to a covered terrace allowing free movement between indoor and outdoor environments.

As you can see, we have numerous options to select from for your dog boarding needs. Our dog boarding suites start at $31.95 a night. You may be wondering why some of our suites have televisions. This simulates life at home. Often times, it is the small details in an environment that will ease a dog’s nerves.

Spacious Dog Resort

Spacious Dog Parks

Dog Daycare

Times can get hectic throughout the year, which can take more of your attention then you want. When this happens, your dog doesn’t get the attention they need, so we recommend taking them to dog daycare. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort gained the title of best Southwest dog hotel for a reason, our dog daycare.

We make sure your dog is comfortable with others by temperament testing them prior to daycare. This ensures we know how your dog reacts well before we place them in daycare. For shy dogs, we will give them the extra time to get comfortable with us. Fondren wants to make sure your pup receives the best care.

Our facility has plenty of room for your dog to run, jump, play, and so much more. Allowing your dog to expel this energy reduces chewing, barking, digging, and other unwanted behaviors. Let your dog be a puppy again with our exceptional daycare.

Like we mentioned before, every dog is required to have a temperament testing prior to daycare. Additionally, dogs need to be neutered or spayed. This includes puppies. Your dog must also be current on all vaccinations. Lastly, all dogs require a reservation. It cannot be a walk-in treat.

Dog Training

Houston Dog Daycare

Houston Dog Daycare

You may want to improve the behavior of your dog in your own home. A great way to keep unwanted behavior away is by training them to quit. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort uses positive motivation and rewards to break these habits. Ther are many options you have when it comes to types of dog training. Here is what we offer.

  • Individual Lessons – A 45 minute to an hour session with a skilled training instructor.
  • Group Glasses – Dogs and their owners meet weekly at our facility for an hour over the course of five weeks.
  • Refresh Training While Lodging – A dog training session while your dog is lodging for consecutive days with us.
  •  Lodge and Learn – 21 days of dog training from a skilled instructor, which then the parent views on the day of departure.

As you can see, we have numerous options when it comes to dog training. Get rid of those bad habits with our 5-star dog training. Our instructors are highly skilled and trained so they can create results or suggest advice to keep your pup from continuing their unwanted habit.

Book with the best Southwest Houston Dog Hotel Today!

Are you going out of town for a few days? Maybe you are unable to give your pup enough attention during the week. No matter the reason, give Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort a call. We can provide your dog with the time of their life when staying with us. We will take great care of them. Give us a call to book an appointment or ask questions at (281) 835-4445. You can also visit our website for more information on dog boarding. Find out today why we are the best Southwest Houston dog hotel.

Fun Facts about Houston

  • The Port of Houston offers free 90-minute cruises aboard the M/V Sam Houston.
  • Texas A&M buries its canine mascots in the Reveille Mascot Cemetery.
  • The scale replicas of the Chinese tomb warriors that used to line the Forbidden Gardens were sold off for $100 each.
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