South West Houston Dog Boarding and Training Near Me

If you’re looking for South West Houston Dog Boarding and Training Near Me, you’ll love the offers you’ll find at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. We offer luxury boarding as well as comprehensive training packages for dogs of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. We take a positive approach to teaching new dogs old tricks and vice versa. Additionally, our range of training programs allows you to select the best methods and curriculum for your unique pet. Finding high-quality training programs can be quite difficult, especially if your pet has particular needs. Fortunately, we’ve got programs designed to fit just about any pet parent’s schedule and expectations.

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South West Houston Dog Boarding and Training Near Me

Dog Boarding or Training? Why Not Both!

There are many reasons that you may need to search for dog boarding and training at the same time. Perhaps you only need one or the other right now, but may consider utilizing the other at a later date. It’s always more convenient to find a pet facility that you already know you can trust. If your pet loves boarding at our resort, training them here is also a great idea. On the other hand, knowing that your dog can board at the same place they receive great training is always a plus. You’ll have much less stress when it comes to making travel or business plans when you can get everything your pet needs in one place. That’s why, at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, you’ll find dog boarding, training, grooming, and a dog daycare program.

Alternatively, it sometimes makes sense to reserve boarding and training at the same time. In that case, you’ll probably notice that your options are limited. Even in South West Houston, not many places offer lodging and training. And those that do don’t provide the luxury and comfort of Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Not only can you find premium boarding at our resort, but you’ll also see that we offer effective training for all types of dogs. Furthermore, we even have programs that combine the two!

Lodge and Learn

Our Lodge and Learn training program makes sure that your dog receives complete training over a short period of time. Over the course of twenty-one days, a trainer will cover all of the most important obedience lessons with your dog. During this time, your pet will lodge at our resort and receive all of the amenities of a typical resort stay. When the Lodge and Learn program is complete, you’ll be invited to a viewing demonstration. During the demonstration, you’ll see the commands and tricks your pet has learned during their stay. When you return home with your dog or puppy, you’ll be able to give and practice these commands on your own. You’re always welcome to refresh your dog’s skills later with our Refresh Training While Lodging.

The Lodge and Learn program is great for puppies or pets who are new to your home. Any pet with little to no training will benefit from this immersive three-week program. In a matter of time, your dog will know all the skills that will make your life with them much more manageable.

Refresh Training While Lodging

While the Lodge and Learn program must take place over twenty-one days, Refresh Training has no set time period. During your furry family member’s stay our resort, you can opt for training sessions in lieu of other activities. Let the trainer know which skills you’d like your dog to focus on during their stay, and they’ll train together daily. These refresh sessions can benefit quite a few different types of pets and pet parents:

  • Dogs who already have some training, but need those skills strengthened
  • Dog owners who don’t have much time during their regular schedule to practice commands with their dog
  • Dogs who need challenging mental stimulation daily
  • Pet parents who have begun teaching their dogs new tricks and don’t want those skills to be lost during vacation
  • Dogs who prefer doing tricks for treats, rather than playing with toys or others
South West Houston Dog Boarding and Training Near Me

Your dog will bed to go back to class and daycare!

Individual and Group Training

In addition to our training programs that you can select while boarding your pet at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we have several other day-training programs as well. With either of these options, you must be present, and you take your dog home following the sessions. Therefore, these options are best for pet owners who have the time in their schedule for dog training classes. If you can’t stand to be away from your pet for more than a day, you’ll appreciate these short sessions.

Individual Lessons

You and your pet can work with a trainer one-on-one in 45-min./1 hr. long sessions on the skills of your choosing. Individual lessons must be scheduled for a specific time and date, but have the flexibility of changing from week to week. If your schedule varies, you may prefer these individual sessions. Also, dogs with specific needs that won’t be covered in a general class can learn their best here. Individual sessions allow both the dog and parent to move through the commands at their own pace. Dogs who have trouble concentrating in group classes also tend to benefit more from one-on-one training.

Group Classes

When we think about dog training, many of us immediately call to mind the group classes. At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we offer a range of group classes for various skills levels. In order for your pet to participate in one of our advanced or agility classes, he or she must have graduated from our Beginners’ course. Group classes occur over a five-week period, on a specific day and time each week. The sessions last an hour and give your pet the opportunity to learn commands as well as work on socialization. You’ll work with your pet alongside other pet families on need-to-know commands.

South West Houston Dog Boarding and Training Near Me

Obedience Training and Tricks

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You can learn more about our luxury boarding accommodations here. For more information about our group class schedule, boarding availability, and more, call Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort at (281) 835-4445. You can also make a reservation online and someone will call to confirm the details with you. We understand you may be looking for “South West Houston dog kennels near me.”So, we provide the best South West Houston Dog Boarding and Training Near Me, and we can’t wait to meet your pet!

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