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There’s no Pearland Pet Hotel in the area that provides a better boarding experience for your pet than Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Our impressive facilities, extensive activity package offers, and upscale service provides the best vacation experience for your pet that you could ever imagine. If you’re on your way to vacation, let your pet enjoy one as well. Our resort is a much-needed getaway during the time that your pet will miss you the most.

One of the many great things about our resort is our pricing. We don’t charge according to the number of pets in your home, or even by the size of your pet. Instead, we charge based on the size of the room you select. Thus, you don’t have to search for a place that will house all of your family pets. As long as your pets are of the same species and get along well with one another, they will be quite comfortable in one of our spacious suites.

Each type of boarding room we offer presents different amenities, which allows you to find a room most similar to your pet’s favorite area of your home. On the other hand, you can use your upcoming trip away as an opportunity to expose your furry loved one to the finer things of life. In short, at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we have the accommodations to match your pet’s lifestyle or introduce them to a new way of living. Which route they take is, of course, up to you.

Pearland Pet Hotel

Pearland Pet Hotel with Activities

Pearland Pet Hotel for Cats, Birds, and Pocket Pets

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we pride ourselves on our ability to board and pamper a range of pets. We have housed many different species of animals, including cats, turtles, birds, ferrets, and even chinchillas. Your small pets will enjoy their stay at our resort, with plenty of treats, feedings at least twice per day, and cage cleanings at least daily. Additionally, you can add-on one or several activities for your pet, such as playtime and belly rubs, if you feel that your pet would enjoy them.

For your avian or pocket pet, we request that you bring all of the comforts of home to the resort. We’ll make sure that your pet isn’t exposed to drafts in our temperature-controlled and light-regulated area. Our educated staff knows how to properly handle all pocket-sized pets, as well as proper feeding regiments. Learn more about boarding for your little friend here.

Cats and dogs both have their own unique boarding rooms and activities tailored to their unique preferences. Though we primarily focus on our most frequent guests (dogs) in this post, you can learn about our deluxe cat accommodations here. As we do for dogs, we also provide many pampering activities for your furry friends, which you can read about here.

Pearland Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel for Dogs and Cats Pearland TX

Dog Boarding and Pampering

Each cat boarding room is spacious and climate-controlled. Our smallest rooms can comfortably fit an adult Labrador. We have six different types of rooms available for dog boarding. In addition to our standard options, we have a room with patios. The patios are perfect for dogs who are accustomed to having indoor and outdoor access. They can walk in and out of their room through their own doggie door. The doggie door leads to a covered patio outdoors, so your pet can get plenty of fresh air without being exposed to bad weather.

Another room option, the Plaza Suite, features a patio door as well. Additionally, these rooms have televisions, a ceiling fan, and decorated wall coverings. We recommend this suite for pets who might become homesick if they don’t find the comforts of home at the resort. By turning on the TV and the ceiling fan, your dog will begin to feel right at home. Furthermore, the wall decorations provide privacy for your shy pets and sensitive sleepers.

The VIP Suite features even more elaborate amenities, including a six-foot entry door for our dog to enter and leave the room at their leisure. These suites feature toddler beds, so if your pets sleep in the bed with you, they won’t be relegated to the floor during your absence. The only thing they’ll be missing at this resort is your warm cuddles! Our most high-end luxury suite for dogs is the Garden Suite, which lives up to its name. From this room, your pups will have all of the great features of the VIP and Plaza Suites, in addition to access to a large terrace. As they wish, your dogs can run and play around outdoors and return inside when it’s time to relax.


Our activity packages for dogs are just as elaborate as our suites. We offer five various activity packages, in addition to offering a la carte activity sessions. We recommend that you choose your pet’s activities based on his or her ability and activity level. At our resort, we even have packages for dogs with limited mobility, and a staff member will work with them during stretch/mobility sessions and treat them to plenty of belly rubs. As another example, the puppy package allows you to double up on the number of potty breaks and play times your pet has each day.

Our individual activities, many of which are also featured in our packages, include nature walks through the park, group play with other resort guests, playtime with staff, and bedtime belly rubs.

Pearland Pet Hotel

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Regardless of the type of room and activities, you select for your pet, their stay will be comfy, safe, and pristine. We change bedding and potty areas daily, feed pets twice daily and show them much love and affection throughout the day. Additionally, we can adhere to your personal requests for your pets, including medication schedules. Furthermore, we can help with “Pearland dog training near me.” Pearland Call us at (281) 835-4445 to learn more about our suites. Alternatively, you can make a reservation online and we’ll call to confirm. We can’t wait to pamper your pet at our Pearland Pet Hotel!

Pearland TX Fun Facts

  • Pearland saw double-digit growth in tell than ten years.
  • The original residents of Pearland grew many fruit trees.
  • Pearland’s original name was actually, “Mark Belt.”
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