Meyerland Pet Hotel

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the Meyerland Pet Hotel that you need if you want to ensure that your dogs have a great time while they’re apart from you. Without proper care, attention, and affection, your dog may become homesick in your absence. Furthermore, an unpleasant stay at a boarding facility can cause unpleasant issues upon their return home. You may notice that your dog misbehaves due to pent-up energy. At our pet hotel, we make sure that your dog is comfortable and entertained during their stay. They’ll be so distracted with all of the fun activities we provide that they’ll be just as happy to return to our resort as they will be to go back home to you!

We offer many different room options, activities, and services for your pet so that they can have a great time during their stay. Our impressive range of offers allows you to personalize your pet’s experience at our resort. Our flexibility allows us to accommodate a range of pets, including cats, birds, gerbils, and even chinchillas. We have educated staff members who know how to properly care for all species of pets. Furthermore, we make every effort to make sure that your pet is happy the entire time they are with us. From the largest Mastiff to the smallest pet hamster, our doors are open.

Meyerland Pet Hotel for All Types of Pets

Cat Boarding and Pampering

Cat Boarding and Pampering at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort

Below, we’ll talk about our accommodations and services for dogs, because they are our most frequent guests. However, you can easily find information about the various species we can accommodate at our resort by browsing our website. Additionally, if you have any questions about our services, you can give us a call any time during our business hours to speak with a Specialist. Even if your pet isn’t a dog, we hope that you notice the level of care we provide at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Furthermore, we hope that you’ll be able to see how we can offer that same great experience for your pet.

Accommodations for Dogs

Our doggy suites are luxurious, to say the least. Each option provides plenty of space. In fact, most of our suites can easily accommodate multiple same-family dogs. Each suite offers different perks so that you can pick a suite based on your dog’s preferences. One of our options is certain to provide similarities to their home life. This makes all the difference when your dog is apart from you and your family for some time. The more their suite feels like home, the more they’ll enjoy their stay.

Consider your dog’s temperament when choosing a room. For example, dogs who don’t require much to make themselves comfy will enjoy our Standard Suites. Our staff will keep their rooms clean and have fresh water for them at all times. You can either bring their favorite bedding from home, our or staff will change the bedding we provide each day.

On the other hand, dogs who are a bit more particular may need a few extra bells and whistles, such as decorated wall coverings to keep their area private. Dogs who are accustomed to indoor/outdoor access will prefer one of our suites with patio or terrace access. A dog who is familiar with a television playing in the background when you’re home will feel most at home in one of our suites with a television. Dogs who sleep in the bed can stay in one of our suites with a toddler bed, and we can provide orthopedic bedding as well. In sum, we have suites that match your dog’s lifestyle and unique needs.

Spacious Dog Resort

Keep your dog safe with professional training

Dog Activities

At our resort, we provide more than a place for your dog to sleep. We know that engaging activity throughout the day is a great way to keep your dog comfortable. Exercise and activity keep your pet entertained and tires them out, so they sleep better at night.

We offer five different activity packages, based on dogs’ activity levels. Our Puppy Package features multiple potty breaks and playtimes, as well as a bedtime story and tuck-in. We also have packages that are great for older or disabled dogs. All of our packages include complimentary gourmet treats.

Instead of a package, you may opt to mix-and-match our activities, based on your dog’s preferences. We offer various walks, playtimes, and more. Additionally, we can schedule additional exercise and potty breaks. If your pet plays well with others, we invite them to join our group play outdoors for the day or half of a day. On the other hand, we can schedule playtime with staff for dogs who prefer human companionship. Our a la carte activity offers also include plenty of cuddles, belly rubs, and treats.

Meyerland Dog Training Near Me

Dogs love our spaces.

Of course, our activities are optional. You know which activities your pet would best enjoy, and that includes “no activity.” Your pet will still go outside at least twice per day for potty breaks, and if you selected a suite with a patio door, they can play outside as often as they like. However, the activities are a great way to fill your dog’s day with fun or expose them to new experiences.

Other Activities for Dogs

In addition to our vast array of playtime activities, we offer dog training classes for guests who lodge at our resort. In fact, you can sign up for private or group lessons any time we have them available, whether your pet is boarding with us or not. However, training classes during lodging an engaging activity that makes good use of your dog’s time here.

We also provide grooming services for hotel guests and daytime visitors alike. Our grooming and spa services include pedicures, brush-outs, facials, and even aromatherapy. If you only need a place for dog boarding then, consider our doggy daycare. Be sure to call and ask for our pet grooming options as well. Get in touch with our Meyerland pet hotel by calling (281) 835-4445.

Meyerland Fun Facts

  • The Meyerland community is 6,000 acres.
  • This city has two parks.
  • Meyerland formerly consisted of rice fields.
  • Click here to learn more about Meyerland.