Meyerland TX Pet Boarding

If you are seeking a Meyerland TX pet boarding facility, then give Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort a call today. We offer pet boarding for dogs, cats, birds, and pocket pets. Our team members will care for your pet while you are out of town. It is difficult to obtain a pet sitter before you leave

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers boarding for many pet types and various other services for dogs. Adorable dogs will find plenty to do in our facility. Of course, our dog services do not take away from our other animals. Even though we are dog lovers, we are also lovers of all animals.

Pet parents will find our team members love animals. All of our team members are skilled and experienced in the care of your animal. To say the least, they are animal lovers. They will do what is best for them by providing clean enclosures, freshwater, food, and plenty of exercise.

From dogs to hamsters, our facility is capable of housing a wide variety of animals. Many are surprised at the fact that we board avian and pocket pets. It is one way our facility stands out from the rest of the pet hotels. We offer spacious environments and resort activities for your feathery or furry friend.

More About Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort

Meyerland TX Pet Boarding

The Team members at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort will care for your dog, cat, bird, or pocket pet.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was created in 1999 by JoAnn Ellis. JoAnn got the idea for the resort when she had a difficult time finding a facility with a lot of space and activities for her dogs. She searched and searched but could never find the perfect place. So, she decided to create her dream pet resort.

JoAnn purchased land near Sam Houston Tollway in Missouri City. The land was full of grassy areas and trees. It was the perfect place for a pet resort. That is how Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was created. The facility has more than 20 years of experience, which makes it the perfect place for your pet. If our experience doesn’t convince you, then the awards and certifications will.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The facility is also a member of Outstanding Pet Care, Dog Gurus, and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. We strive to care for every pet like they are our own. Our boarding services will help you, and your pet rests easy. Our facility is designed for comfort and a pet-friendly environment.

Dog Boarding

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort loves dogs. The facility was established because a place was required for dogs to run around and have fun. That is one of the reasons we offer so many dog services. From grooming to doggy daycare, your dog will find plenty of activities to do here. Now, each of these activities can be performed in conjunction with each other. For example, if you are boarding your dog with us, then get them groomed while you are away.

The team will walk them to our groomers, and they will look fresh when you get back. We offer grooming to our cat owners as well. Of course, those are just some options you have. Dog owners can also choose from a handful of suite types and activity packages. Cat owners also have a choice in these areas, which we will touch on later.

There are five different activity packages for clients, and there are six different room types. Every room is spacious, climate-controlled, and features a radio or TV. Radios and TVs help simulate the environment of home life. We have found the noise keeps dogs comfortable while they are in our care.

Meyerland TX Pet Boarding

Give your dog the vacation of a lifetime at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.

When it comes to activities, there is plenty to do. Dogs can experience nature’s walks, cuddle time, daycare, stretch, and mobility sessions, and so much more. Pet owners can choose from a list of individual activities or choose one of our packages. Packages are available at a discounted price when boarding with us. So, if you are interested, then get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Cat Boarding

As aforementioned, cats also have a choice of activities and room types. The cats at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort are handled by cat-loving team members, so they get the best possible care. The rooms we offer for cats are spacious, feature resting shelves, and are climate-controlled. The condos we offer can be singles or connect to other condos so your cat or cats can have more room. You can read about all of the cat condo types below.

  • Single Condo – features a single resting bench and shelf for one cat
  • Connecting Condo – a single condo that can be connected to others for more space
  • Window condo – a condo that features a possible other connections and a window overlooking the sun porch
  • Kitty Play Pen – a condo with two resting benches and a double entry door for a single cat or multiple family cats
  • Plaza Suite – features floor to ceiling walls, ambient lighting, and more
  • VIP Suite – features everything in the Plaza suite plus a toddler bed and a six-foot sliding entry door

Cat owners can then choose from a handful of activities for their cat. Our team can take them to the kitty playroom or the sun porch. Either of these places are great for your cat to enjoy their time and play.

Avian and Pocket Pets

Parrots, hamsters, ferrets, and more are welcome to stay in our facility. Pet parents can expect the following while their bird or pocket pet is in our care.

hamster eating cheese

Hamsters, ferrets, and chinchillas are just a few of the pocket pet types we board.

  • Spacious and safe enclosures
  • Adequate food
  • Plenty of water
  • Frequent exercise
  • Close attention to temperature and light
  • Proper handling

Get in touch with us today to find more information about our avian and pocket pet boarding.

Meyerland TX Pet Boarding

Pet owners can finally stop searching for a Meyerland TX Pet Boarding facility. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is the best choice when it comes to the Houston, TX, area. Owners should call us at (281) 835-4445. Schedule your reservation before it is too late. Pet boarding options are just a small area of our services. Parents should also ask us about dog training and pet grooming. Pet owners should also visit our boarding web page for additional information on our Meyerland TX pet boarding facility.

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