Maplewood South Pet Hotel

Fondren 5 Star Pet Hotel is a luxury Maplewood South Pet Hotel for dogs, cats, avian and pocket pets, and more. Our beautiful, four-acre resort offers plenty of space for your pups to roam (supervised, of course), and your feline friends will enjoy the view from a private window in their suite. During your pet’s stay, he or she may also enjoy our grooming services or activity packages, as per your request.

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, you have the option to make your pet feel right at home or introduce them to an entirely new way of living. We provide the best for your pet because we know that you’ll miss each other while you’re apart. When you know your pet is being pampered, you’ll be able to enjoy your travels all that much more. And, with our help, your pet will be as eager about their stay as they will be to see you return!

Maplewood South Pet Hotel

Maplewood South Pet Hotel

Dogs Love Our Maplewood South Pet Hotel!

Our boarding and packaging options for your canine family members will make them feel much more comfortable during your absence. We offer a range of different room styles and amenities. This allows you to find a room and activity level that best matches what your pet is accustomed to at home. On the other hand, you may use this opportunity to provide your pet with new experiences that they don’t often get to enjoy. For example, a stay at our pet hotel is the perfect time to get your dog’s hair cut for the summer. We even offer a few training programs to teach your dogs new commands or refresh old tricks during their “vacation.” As you can see, our pampering services will save you time and make your life much easier upon your return.

We offer over five different types of suites for dogs. Our rooms are large enough to accommodate large breeds and, in most cases, multiple dogs from the same household. Even our entry-level boarding room provides ample space for your pet to relax and lounge about, along with fresh bedding daily and multiple feedings and potty breaks per day. Our more elaborate options feature patios, sliding entry doors, terrace access, televisions, toddler beds, and more. You can learn about our dog boarding options on the linked page.

Dog Pampering & Activities

Not only do you have many options in regards to where your dog rooms each night in our pet hotel, but you also must decide which of our many great services he or she will experience. We offer many different activity packages, including packages for puppies and elderly dogs. The activities included in each package vary in accordance with the dog’s needs. For example, our T.L.C. package includes stretch/mobility sessions, orthopedic bedding, and a bedtime belly rub. On the other hand, the puppy package includes twice the number of playtimes and potty breaks as our standard, adult-dog options.

Instead of selecting an activity package, you may select activities individually. This is a perfect option for those dogs who need a variety of activities. For example, a disabled pet may need orthopedic bedding but be fine with certain physical activities besides stretching. Our a la carte activity selection allows you to essentially create your own activity package for your pet.

Maplewood South Pet Hotel

Cat Boarding in Maplewood South

Feline Accommodations and Activities

Though kept separately, cats experience the same great lodging and activity offers as dogs. Of course, the feline suites and activities are tailored for that species’ particular interests. For example, our standard cat suite features a resting bench, and other options include a sun porch, entry doors, and more. As with our dog boarders, your kitties will always have a fresh potty area and access to clean water and fresh food. Most of our rooms can comfortably hold more than one same-family cat.

Our cat activities are a great form of exercise and mental stimulation for your pet. Our staff members will play with your pet in 15-minute sessions. They use toys and wands to get your cat to move around and use their sharp minds. Additionally, you can request cuddles, belly rubs, and bedtime tuck-ins from our staff.

Avian Pets, Pocket Pets, & More

Just about any pet that doesn’t require live food can be safely boarded at our resort. For our most delicate guests, we make sure to provide them with adequate temperature control and draft protection. If you need someone to care for your bird or small pet while you’re away, make a reservation at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Our experienced staff has cared for birds, hamsters, turtles, and even chinchillas. Just bring all of the comforts from home when you come to drop off your pet, including their housing.

Maplewood South Pet Hotel

Maplewood TX Dog Daycare

Birds are placed near the front desk, where they can see and engage with the many guests who visit our resort. This type of interaction usually keeps our feathered friends alert and happy. For all smaller/caged animals, we have feedings twice daily and fresh cage liners at all times.

Our Other Services

As mentioned earlier, we provide much more than boarding for your pets. Whether you need daytime care for your pup or want to treat your pet to a spa day, we can provide the experience your pet deserves. Our other services include:

  • Grooming & Aromatherapy
  • Dog Daycare
  • Dog Training (Private and Group)

With the exception of dog daycare, our services can be scheduled before, during, or after your pet’s stay at our resort. Supplementing boarding with pet grooming or training package makes great use of your pet’s time at the resort. However, we also make these great services available to all pet parents six days a week.

Call Us Today!

Call Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort today at (281) 835-4445 to learn more about any of our services! Whether your pet needs an extended stay in one of our fancy suites, doggy daycare for a few hours, or a good bath, we are available. When you’re ready to make a reservation at our Maplewood South Pet Hotel, contact us online and we’ll get in touch with you to confirm.

Maplewood Fun Facts

  • Maplewood is only a few miles from Houston.
  • Have you been to Maplewood Mall?
  • The community has a private swimming pool for residents.
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