Maplewood South TX pet boarding

Maplewood South TX pet boarding

Maplewood South TX pet boarding

Looking for Maplewood South TX pet boarding? There are many reasons why you would look for someplace to board your pet. When you leave on vacation, you want to be sure your pet has the care they need. If you hire someone to pet sit, especially if they are new, they might not know how to care for your pet.

When you board your pet, you will know they aren’t going to be forgotten. They won’t be left outside or crated for long hours. There will be someone looking after them constantly. And they won’t be near anything that might hurt them.

Some pets also get worried or scared when they are left at home alone. This can lead to them getting hurt on things that they wouldn’t normally get hurt on. It can also mean damage to your home. Your furry friend could take their worry out on your home in ways you can’t predict.

They have a pet sitter that can result in your pet being alone for hours at a time. If your pet needs help or knocks over their food, no one will be there to accommodate them. Depending on the animal, their metabolism might require they eat and drink constantly. To keep up with their needs, they need someone to check in on them more than once or twice a day. Boarding is a way you can ensure all their needs are met. Emotionally and physically.

Here are some more benefits of Maplewood South TX pet boarding to consider.

Not a Shelter

A common misconception is that boarding your pet means putting them on a concrete floor. This is quite the opposite. Instead, you can board them at a Maplewood South pet hotel. This means they can have a TV just like at home, a yard and a comfortable cot.

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we want your pet to have a comfortable stay. We have a variety of suites that will fit the individual needs of your companion. Our facility offers a clean and safe space for your pet while you are away. Boarding them here is a fantastic way to spoil your pet while you’re away. Here are some of the different suites we offer for dog boarding:

  • Standard

This is a spacious enclosure for one or multiple family dogs.

  • Standard Double

This is a double-wide enclosure for giant breeds and for one or multiple family dogs.

  • Standard Patio

This large enclosure is for dogs who are used to indoor and outdoor access. It has its own doggie door that opens to a covered patio.

  • Plaza Suite

This suite has the floor to ceiling walls and a patio door they can look out of. It also comes with a TV, ceiling fan, and decorated walls. This will help your furry friend feel at home while away from home.

  • VIP Suite

This one has the same floor to ceiling walls, but also ambient lighting. It also has a toddler bed and a six-foot sliding door.

  • Garden Suite

This is a private luxury suite that has all the amenities of the VIP suite. However, it also has access to a spacious covered terrace for independent movement inside and outside.

Pearland Cat Boarding Near MeAttention

With Maplewood South TX pet boarding, your friend will be supervised all day, every day. Chances are they will have more attention than they typically get at home. Your pet will also have trained professionals to look after them. So, this means they can handle, packs of dogs, multiple cats and ensure they are looked after properly. Every one of these packages comes with a gourmet treat.

Here at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we offer different packages to meet the need of your dog better. Some of our packages include:

T.L.C Package: sensitive activities, mobility sessions, and unlimited medications, orthopedic bedding, and more. This is the perfect package for older dogs or dogs with special needs.

5 Star Package: This is for dogs who are very active and need a lot of outdoor time. It includes five activities, a nature walk, a dog park, playtime and more.

4 Star Package: This is for dogs who are moderately active. It includes a nature walk, playtime, and cuddle time.

For more of our packages, check them out here.


In addition to the attention, they will have plenty of activities as well. There will be activities that will fully engage and stimulate them. Leaving them home with a pet sitter will not ensure your pet will get the proper stimulation it needs.

Many pet-boarders have a large yard with amenities that will keep them active and ensure a good night’s rest. Cats will also have many climbing towers and walkways to keep them engaged. While all these amenities are available, for older and less social animals, they can also receive more personalized care.

This entertainment will limit the risk of your pet getting hurt. A bored pet can either worry or become destructive, causing damage to the home around them and themselves. By boarding your pet, you will have less to worry about when you are gone. It will make them happier and keep them healthier.

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, you can request extra activities to fit your dog’s needs. This can include nature walks, playtime, or doggie day camp. Here’s a shortlist of just a few of the activities we offer:

  • Dog Park
  • Dog Walk
  • Extra Exercise
  • Play Time
  • Story Time and Tuck-in
  • Stretch and Mobility
  • Daycare Plus which is group play while lodging


But we said Maplewood South TX pet boarding. This doesn’t just include dogs. It includes cats too. Here we offer different packages to meet your cat’s needs. Just like the dog’s packages, cats have a single condo, window condo, kitty playpen, and more. They also have activities such as playtime, extra exercise, cuddle time along with other activities.

hamster eating cheeseBirds and Pocket Pets

We offer exceptional care for your birds and small animals. For birds, they are set up near the reception desk to ensure they will have enough stimulation. However, if this isn’t enough for your bird, then you can request activities such as playtime, cuddle time, and belly rubs.

Contact us For Maplewood South TX pet boarding

If you are planning on being gone for a few days or a few months, give us a call at (281) 835-4445. Or visit our website to learn more about us. When you call, ask a team member about our dog training programs or our pet grooming options. We highly recommend staying with us and would love to be your Maplewood South TX pet boarding.

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