Keeping Pets Cool

dogs in the pool5 Tips For Keeping Pets Cool

Your pets rely on you to protect them from danger and provide for their needs.  This can be difficult when dealing with weather extremes. The key to keeping pets cool when the weather is hot is to know your pet and follow the same 5 common sense tips we use at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort.

Provide easy access to water

Provide easy access to plenty of cool, fresh water for your pets all through the day. Did you know puppies will drink more water than adult dogs?  Some dogs even use the water bowl for play leaving puddles on the floor and reducing the amount supplied for hydration. Check water bowls often and refill as needed

Provide access to cool places

Provide access to cool resting places.  Shaded areas are great plus cool flooring of stone or tile will dissipate heat.  Kiddie pools, sprinklers or misting systems can also be used for keeping pets cool.  Swim more, walk less  when the temperature soars.

Pets cool down differently than people

Cool pets down from the bottom up and inside out. Dogs cool off when their feet are wet and bellies are damp. They pant to release body heat. Our fresh gourmet treats as well as Frosty Paws treats, watermelon cubes, or a frozen treat-stuffed KONG  help keep dogs cool.

Avoid hot pavement and closed cars

Avoid the dangers of hot pavement and hot cars. NEVER RISK YOUR PET’S LIFE BY LEAVING THEM IN AN UNATTENDED CAR!  Cars heat up quickly on sunny days in any season of the year.  Take along bottled water on outings, use protective booties for dog paws and plan walks early or late in the day.

Brush well – don’t shave down

Well groomed rather than shaved down is a better option for keeping dogs cool.  Double coated dogs have built-in insulation against heat.  Your dog’s well groomed coat is beneficial in many ways including protection from the sun. Be sure to follow your groomer’s recommendations and add protective sunscreen measures to your dog’s summer skin and coat care.