Keep Your Pet Fit With These Tips

A recent study showed that roughly 50% of cats and dogs are overweight. Many factors go into a pet’s weight. The breed type, any concurrent diseases, their diet, and exercise routine are the most important. You may think a chubby cat or dog is cute, but it can cause severe health issues later in their lives.

Cats and dogs should be exercised on a regular basis.

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The most significant issues with overweight pets include diabetes, torn ligaments, high blood pressure, and a shortened lifespan. We are sure the last thing you want for your pet is a shorter amount of time with you. With that said, cat and dog owners need to make sure they are taking the right measures for their pets. Take these tips to keep your furry friend in shape.

Exercise Regularly

Cats and dogs should be exercised regularly to keep weight down. There are several ways to keep each pet active. For cats, get them a friend to play with. Cats love to play with each other and will promote play. Cat towers and new toys are also a great option.

They will encourage the cat to move. Pair toys with catnip, which will make cats stay more active and keep them from gaining weight. Also, use wands and laser pointers to get them up and moving.

Take dogs and cats on frequent walks, especially if they are over the ideal weight. Be sure to bring water in case they get too hot. If your dog is social enough, then a dog park can promote running and play. Take a tennis ball or frisbee with you to get them to run after it. These methods should help keep your dog in shape and keep the weight off.

Diet Right

One way dogs and cats gain so much weight is the food their owners are feeding them. Be sure to feed your pet a premium diet and the correct amount. Specific pet sizes and ages require different amounts of food. Be sure to check with your veterinarian on how much you should be feeding your pet.

Furthermore, the rule of thumb is to keep all table food away from your pets. Reward your pets with healthy treats, but be sure not to over reward them. Treats can do a number on pets’ weight too.

With these tips, you should be able to keep your furry friend in shape. Make sure your pet gets the right amount of exercise and food moving forward. Visit our website if you want to learn more or call us at (281) 835-4445 to schedule a fun doggy daycare day with us.