In a Hurry? Select Express Check-in

Most of you call in to our front desk staff to make appointments and reservations via a phone call and get an immediate response including a confirmation number (if you wish) for your pet’s future visit. A few clients have found it more convenient to send an e-mail or text message requesting certain dates, knowing they must receive a confirmation by phone or electronic message before they actually have their dates, accommodations and the services they desire.

The office staff at Fondren 5 Star Kennels is trained to ask questions regarding your wishes for your pet(s) services and add the details to the service contract for our pet care staff to follow. There are many options for our customized pet care and there are also price packages that might make a difference in your service selections. Basic information questions like “Has your departure date changed?  Is your pet still on the same diet? Have your pet’s vaccinations been updated?  Do we have correct contact information?” etc. are all important and must be addressed.

When a reservation is made weeks or months in advance of arrival, there is a chance the details have changed or need an update. If we do not ask or the client forgets to tell us their wishes or important changes at check-in, we have miscommunications instead of happy clients.

We do understand your concerns when you are rushing to get to your pet checked in and need to continue without delay to your next destination.

A solution that works for some of our clients is to request an EXPRESS CHECK-IN when you first contact us for services.  We will take the time then, before your check-in, to collect those details and then designate on your service contract that you’re expecting an EXPRESS CHECK-IN at arrival. Even then, if there is a necessary change that is remembered after check-in or if services are to be amended, you can always call or contact us to update this information.

With EXPRESS CHECK-IN your contract will be complete and all we need is to accept your pet and you’re quickly on your way.  Let us know and we will even provide curb service to get you, your pet and your pet’s belongings inside to the check-in counter.

If EXPRESS CHECK-IN is something you want for your next reservation please let us know when you call 281-835-4445 for a reservation.  Your concerns are important to us.  We welcome any questions or comments which will help us serve you in a better way.