Improvements and Updates

Improvements & Updates

Improving To Serve You Better!


Looking at Improvements and Updates

Under every roof, whether residential or business, there comes a  time when the property reaches a certain age and some improvements and updates are needed. Because the elemental forces of wind, rain and  sun along with gravity are at work daily, the building ages with time. Knowing that literally thousands of pitter-pattering paws have been down the aisles, eventually the toll becomes apparent and restoration is required. We’ve started some 5 Star renovations to make our buildings work better for your pet!

What’s New?

Every facility makeover has a variety of features.  This one includes the following improvements and updates:
  1. Disassemble and remove old standard standard lodging  spaces
  2. Install 80 new standard lodging units
  3. Install 3 AC units
  4. Install xxx sq ft of new secure fencing for our south acre
  5. Install New tile flooring in all Suites
  6. Install concrete pavers on all the Patios
  7. Install superior magnetic (dog proof) run latches
  8. Install french drains for effective drainage for five play yards
  9. Provide benches for our porch areas and dog park
  10. Install eight colorful pet related paintings for our Suite hallways
  11. Plant tree seedlings in our Dog Park
  12. Install a targeted potty station near front drive
Following the “3Rs & an I” rule (repair, restore, recondition and improve) we estimate our 5 Star building update will take about six months to complete.  Our plans call for the least imposition for you or your pet.
We are happy and excited to be able to continue to offer the best pet lodging in and around Houston. Tours are welcomed during our business hours so you can see the facility first hand.  We’ll be button busting proud to show you our renovations, improvements and updates.  Just as our pet grooming makeovers take expert attention, the right tools and a little time to make such a difference, our modernization will freshen and enliven too!