Important Tips For Reserving Pet Lodging

How do  Fondren 5 Star Kennel’s clients  get the kennel space they want  for the time period requested?   Our large kennel  accommodates a great number of guest,  some are new and are just getting acquainted while others we have known for years and are like family.  The busiest holiday times such as July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas,  find both new and established clients calling to reserve a space for their pets.   Although we are a large kennel, we are limited to an exact number of enclosures.   Clients are always asked to reserve early to assure a reservation for their desired dates and space and many people do this because they know in advance that they will be traveling during a holiday or vacation time.

Reserving lodging for pets today is much like making a hotel reservation.  Computer programs, designed specific to the industry, are used so that arrival/departure dates, room numbers, health, dietary and vaccine information, plus  additional scheduled services are all compiled in a pet’s lodging reservation.   A deposit or credit card number is required to hold a reservation which can be accessed for changes and confirmations without fees any time up to 48 hours before arrival.

If your plans change and you must cancel your pet’s reservation, contacting us as soon as you know will most often allow for the change or cancellation without penalty.   If you have an unexpected need for boarding your pet, call us as soon as you know.  A wait listing is available for the busiest seasons so that cancellations can be processed and those openings can be matched with those waiting to  reserve.

So, now you know.  Calling in advance of your pet lodging needs or calling as soon as you make your plans (or purchase air fare) or calling as soon as you know you must cancel a reservation are all important tips for everyone in need of pet lodging to get the space and date desired.