Houston World Series of Dog Shows

2017 Houston World Series of Dog Shows 2017 Houston World Series of Dog Shows

Come, Sit Stay!  This has been the favorite bi-line for the Houston World Series of Dog Shows through the years. This year’s July 19-23rd, 2017 event will be the 40th anniversary for this annual Dog show.

This event is both kid and dog friendly! The entire family can enjoy a wide variety of performance and competition events, relay races,  plus seminars, displays and shopping. Absolutely everything to do with dogs and the people who love them will be happening at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. Mark your calendar.

What Is There To Do At A Dog Show?

Look, Talk, Walk, Take pics, Shop, Cheer, Touch, did we say walk? Yes, put on your most comfortable shoes and plan to spend the day.  Here’s a quick A-Z run down of what you can see and do:


Is one of the Show’s most popular events, superbly trained dogs race through an obstacle course of jumps, collapsed tunnels, poles and ramps as they earn championship points.


The heart and soul of any dog show, this very traditional competition among more than 150 breeds is based on how well a dog adheres to physical standards set by the American Kennel Club. The top dog wins “Best in Show.”

Barn Hunt

Here dogs bred to hunt rats or those who are just naturally talented at can participate in clinics or compete. Be sure to check the last two paragraphs of this blog if you think your dog would hunt down a rat.


Dogs grouped in tag teams “fly” over hurdles to retrieve tennis balls, then speed back to the finish line. Noisy excitement abounds in this fast-paced sprint for first place.

Meet the Breeds

Meet the Breeds is a valuable resource to a potential pet owner who is searching for the right kind of dog for his particular lifestyle. Experts present more than 110 breeds from the common to the exotic.


Dogs respond to their handlers’ instructions to “come,” “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” and “down.” More advanced classes have dogs pass precision off-leash heeling, scent discrimination, directed retrieves and longer/out of sight stays.

Rescue Booths

Here your chance to support your favorite breed’s rescue or cheer for the all American biscuit hounds – those lovable mutts minus the pedigrees. Stuff your dollars in their donation jars, buy their “stuff”, offer to foster or decide to adopt. Any and All these actions are acceptable!

Shop The McScotty Market

Everything “dog” will be on display so bring your wallet.  you’re bound to find something special!

There is a cost to enter and for parking and it’s probably best to leave your fabulous fido at home unless entered in one of the above. Just for fun see these last two paragraphs!

Events Any Dog Can Enter!

The Houston World Series of Dog Shows is offering Barn Hunt Trials that are open to any dog, any breed or mixed breed, for nominal fees that serve as fundraisers for the sponsoring organizations.


This event allows dogs bred to hunt rats—and those just naturally talented at it—a chance to shine. Check out www.barnhunt.com for general information on the sport. All dogs must be at least 6-months-old and have proof of rabies vaccination.

Thursday, July 20:                                      8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Friday, July 21, thru Sunday, July 23:     8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

See ya there!