Hall of Fame Toys For Dogs

hall of fame dog toys

What Are Hall of Fame Toys?

A toy must pass certain criteria to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. Is is popular, safe, entertaining and educational? With all their attributes and unusual beginnings, many of the toys on the list are popular with dogs.  We found a week’s worth of fame worthy toys, tested and confirmed by Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort to be just as good for dogs as they are for people!

Toys Good For Your Dog’s Toy Bin

The Frisbee – inducted 1998. What began with throwing and catching pie plates or cookie tin lids made by the Frisbie Baking Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, the Frisbee helped build a disc sport for canine athletes.

The Hula Hoop – inducted 1999. The plastic Marlex loop invention by Wham-O appeared in the 1950’s. However, hoop toys have been around forever to spin, toss, roll and chase. All adjectives that apply to our canine friends as well.

The Cardboard box – inducted 2005. The strength, light weight, and easy availability that make cardboard boxes successful with industry have made them endlessly adaptable for play with kids and dogs.

The Skateboard – inducted 2008.  Touted as a surfboard on wheels, this toy took the 1960’s by storm. Although not for everyone, people and dogs that persevere to learn to use this toy may also have strength, balance, and discipline while learning to make judgments about risks and rewards.

The Ball – inducted 2009.  Like few other playthings, the ball facilitates and promotes off leash play among dogs of all ages.

The Rubber Duck – inducted 2013. The first rubber ducks were solid rubber and intended as chew toys. By the 1940s, rubber ducks developed into the iconic floating yellow figure with the bright orange bill we recognize today.  For dogs, they may be just another squeaky toy that is fun to chew.

The Bubble – inducted 2014  Best used outdoors, bubbles are marketed today for humans, ages three and up and are non-toxic. It is difficult to think of a plaything more ubiquitous than bubbles. They float with a magical iridescent gleam, and then they disappear in an instant. Inexpensive, safe, and clean—what more can we ask of any toy for child or dog?

What Is Your Measure of Success?

One common element dog’s are drawn to in each of these Hall of Fame toys is it’s ability to illicit body motion. Dogs have fun and enjoy games and toys that encourage movement. Have you had an experience with any one of these Hall of Fame toys? How about your dog? Which is your favorite and that of your dog as well? Share your story on our Facebook page.