Golden Years for Older Dogs

 Golden Years For Older Dogs.

golden retriever dog outdoors on a sunny summer day

golden retriever dog outdoors on a sunny summer day.


Do you have an older dog? They may have earned the right to nap all day but is that all there is for them? Even dogs with health issues that may limit their activities deserve to enjoy their golden years. Is there any thing that can be done so there can be golden years for older dogs? We think there is!

Start With Your Pet Care Provider

During normal pet lodging, start with a Dog Walk or Nature Walk. Our guests love these outings where they get a 10-30 minute on-leash walk to get their blood flowing.   Activities during pet lodging are an important part of staying happy and healthy and are highly recommended for all ages and stages of a dog’s life.

Find New Interests To Share With Your Dog

Get that older nose up close and into canine scent work.  Scent work is a new AKC dog sport. Unlike Agility it’s easy on the body but does require some training, motivation and a properly working dog nose.

new scents fo an old nose

New scents for an old nose.

The Healing Power of Water

there are specialty pools for older dogs

There are specialty pools for older dogs

Swimming pools are great for older dogs! Their weight is displaced in the water and they can be active without the force of gravity on their joints. Plus it’s fun!  Check out Rummy’s Beach Club in the NW Houston area!

Many Veterinarians offer rehab and Physical therapy exercises to avoid disuse of  limb and continued lameness after injuries or illness.   Many times after an orthopedic repair, a dog cannot be allowed to bear full weight on a limb but disuse atrophy can become a problem if the limb is completely immobilized.  Paralyzed dogs often stand and even start to move their limbs in water before they are able to stand on their own on land.

The testimonials for these hydrotherapy activities are awesome. It’s like finding the fountain of youth for an injured or aging pet.

Tributes To Old Dogs

Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine” was Tom T Hall’s tribute to an old dog. Blake Shelton sang about “Ol’ Red”.  A companion dog that’s been with us from ten to fifteen years through happy times and sad is a special dog. A dog’s May to September sunshine years actually are abbreviated in comparison to human years.

How can you make sure your best furry friend stays healthy and happy through all his years, even his golden years?  Keep regular vet appointments, feed a nutritious diet, get plenty of regular physical exercise, and always be alert to offering interesting activities to your pet.  He or she may not be interested in new jobs or excel in ones you do  find but you’ll never know unless you offer them.

no regrets with a full and happy life

No regrets with a full and happy life.