Giving Pet Meds

Giving Pet Meds

Giving Pet Meds

Some Pets Take Medicine Easily. What’s Your Take On This Dog?

What We Do When giving Pet Meds

Your pet’s health and well being is always our primary concern.  Often pets have a condition or health need that requires medication.  Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort wants you to have the peace of mind that administering  pet meds will be a priority and done to your satisfaction.

A first time pet guest, a pet anxious about being away from home or a pet experienced in refusing  medications can be challenging.  These pets are met with calm and confident staff who are approved to give pet meds. Not only are they trained and knowledgeable, they’ve become talented at giving oral medications, ear ointments, eye drops, topical meds, etc. You will be contacted if ever  there is a question about kind, amount, frequency, time of day or dosage.

Tasty, smelly, foods such as Pill Pockets, soft cheese, hot dogs, peanut butter are available to mask the medicine smell/taste.  With multiple same family pets, we take the intended pet to a secure area away from the others to give meds. This insures no pet other than the intended pet receives the medicine.

If a dog can catch treats, we play a toss/catch game using plain treats before and after the medicated treat. Sometimes it takes two people (one to distract or hold and one to administer) and sometimes it takes having the pet on a raised surface. If a dog is visibly upset or refuses the best ever med-in-a-treat concoction, we’ll stop but try again moments later.

What You Can Do

  • Share your pet’s health status and medications .
  • Bring all medicine in original dispensing container and direction label.
  • Bring extra medicine or authorize refills if the stay should be extended.
  • Alert us of any reactions to foods, medicines or over the counter products.
  • Try our TLC Package for pets with special requirements or multiple medications.