Fido Festivities – A Class Just For Fun

Fido Festivities

Fido Festivities On a Skateboardtan american staffordshire giving high fiveFido festivities is a four-week course of fun for you and your dog! Each session is 45 minutes on a weeknight in January.  Owner and dog teams meet to de-stress after the holidays and have fun with other people and their dogs. It’s a really fun social hour.  It’s all for fun and a few games, maybe a trick or two and an introduction to the dog sports of agility and rally.


Although this fun is in a relaxed setting, safety for all is a priority.  Proof of current vaccinations is required and can be electronically sent to us at enrollment. Dogs should be able to be in the presence of other dogs without issue and should have some basic skills of sit, down and come. The dogs are not required to have completed an obedience class, however, the owner must have control of them in a social setting.  Fido Festivities will help dogs use their good manners in real, life situations and enjoy the fun in the process.

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Equipment to Bring

Bring a soft 5-6-foot leash attached to your dog’s collar.  Any collar or harness is fine.  Just make sure it won’t come off your dog.  Although we offer off-leash play activities, Fido Festivities requires dogs to be on leash!  Bring a supply of your dog’s favorite small & easy to eat treat.  Be prepared to share some of your treats with others. While there is not always a “treat swap”, you may go home with a new treat your dog devours while ignoring his “old” favorite.  That’s what dogs do!


Certificate of Fun

This 4-week festivity class will have a start, a middle and an end.  It will probably end with you wanting to experience more comradery and companionship with your dog.  Well that’s right up our alley of expertise!  We’ll be glad to help you find an outlet for exercise and fun with your dog that’s just right for you both. In the meantime, you’ll get a fantastic Fun Certificate for completion of Fido Festivities.

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