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We’ve just made it easier to connect with us for your pet care needs for your pet by using a Facebook button!  Using the new Facebook “Book Now” button makes it easy to reserve lodging and more for pet people.  You can book a reservation or appointment straight from our Facebook page. Just click the Book Now icon on our Cover Page and try it out. It’s so easy… you’ll love seeing what we’re up to on Facebook plus you can book a reservation at the same time too!

Since you’re right there at our Facebook page, have you ever wondered about the dog on our cover page?  CJ Barker of Southern Exposures Photography took this photo of a young Terrier mix named Madyson on the veranda of Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort several years ago.  Our cover page dog, Madyson, came to our attention as a newly found puppy.  She became lost somewhere on Bissonett in March of 2012 and wandered up to Michelle, one of our assistants, near a bus stop.  Michelle arranged for Mady’s pet lodging and began calling rescue organizations phone numbers.

When Mary, our customer service representative at our front desk,  saw this shaggy waif with those crystal blue eyes, she was smitten immediately and gave her the name Madyson.  Luckily, Mary’s love for Madyson came before the horrendous symptoms of mange appeared.  Shortly after her arrival, Mady began weeks and weeks of treatment with medicines and special baths.  She had to be isolated from all other pets and most people during the time period where socialization would normally take place.

Mady and Mary had bonded from the start though and Mary wore protective clothing along with latex gloves during many brief training sessions so that before she was six months old, Madyson could sit, down, heel, stay and come – the five foundation obedience commands.  Mady could also high five and shake hands and when she was declared mite free, she mingled with and respected other people and pets including cats, dogs, horses and rabbits.

So when we saw her photo on the bench on our property, Madyson was easily chosen for our “Cover Girl”.

If you have a story with a fairy tale ending about a pet and can supply a photo that could be cover material, we encourage you to share them on Facebook or send them to us at info@fondren5starpetresort.com  Mady is willing to share the space for a another dear sweet story about people and their love of a pet.