Exposure To Trees Is Beneficial

dogs enjoying trees

Exposure To Trees Is Beneficial For Dogs

In much the same ways pet care facilities provide dogs with outstanding pet care, their exposure to trees is beneficial. Trees offer the gift of protection. They shade from the sun and shelter from the wind and rain. Our pet care is focused on the health and well-being of each guest. Trees on a campus help us meet our mission. Buildings and sidewalks are cooler and easier on the paws due to the shade that trees provide. The dogs and their romping steal the show but it’s the trees that create such an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Not All Pet Care Facilities Have Trees

Each weekend, our pet care facility is filled with friendly dogs that for a myriad of reasons do not accompany their families. Outdoor activities are always recommended for healthier, happier pets. So when we walk our guest to the play yards, they immediately enjoy a canopy of shaded splendor. The trees are tall and established. While plenty of dogs are barking up at the trees, the fact that there are trees at all is worth noting.

Trees Are Essential In The Summer

Trees are truly magical. They dress for every season. It is hard to find dogs having more fun than chasing the colors of falls leaves. While our trees stand stark and tall in the winter, they pour out fragrance and flowers in the spring. The shade they provide in the summer is essential for safe outdoor play times. Trees provide so much for us than we could ever imagine.

Trees Deliver Many Gifts

  • The shade of a tree allows people and their dogs more enjoyable time outside in the summer
  • Relaxation and mindfulness appear more available around trees
  • Trees release oxygen when they use energy from sunlight to make glucose from carbon dioxide and water.
  • Aromas from sap, sweet blooms, bark and chlorophyll as well as rot and decay are present around trees
  • Healthy trees serve as soil anchors, keeping us grounded
  • Stick toys are ever present when trees are near

When searching for quality pet care for your pet, spend some time looking at the property.  Look for the trees that will enhance your pet’s stay.