Exercise Is Essential To Your Pet’s Health

dog running an obstacle courseExercise Is Essential To Your Pet’s Health

Keeping your pet active with age appropriate exercise is essential to your pet’s health. Your veterinarian can address your pet’s level of exercise at your semi-annual exams. The bonus for daily exercise is that moving the muscles in the body sharpens the mind. Finding time for daily exercise isn’t rocket science and doesn’t need to be a chore. Here’s a week’s worth of easy ways to provide exercise your dog:

  1. A 15-minute walk in your neighborhood
  2. Fetching or chasing a toy (indoors or out)
  3. A game of hide and seek
  4. Refreshing basic obedience skills
  5. 15-minutes with a flirt pole (a pole with a toy tied to a long string). Keep it fun by letting your dog win the prize a few times. Game is over if the dog will not drop the toy when told.
  6. Social play with other dogs at daycare or a dog park
  7. Participation in a dog sport such as Agility, Tracking, Barn Hunt or Lure Coursing

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Strut Your Mutt  8 am, October 13, 2018   Sponsored by Best Friends .at Stude Park, Houston, Tx.. You can sign up and fund raise as an individual or be part of a team. The main event is a leisurely walk (with or without your dog) with animal lovers like yourself. This family friendly get-together also features food trucks, vendors and lots of fun activities.