Dogs Coats Are Amazing

On leash walking

Dogs Coats Are Amazing

Dogs coats are amazing because they come in such a variety of color, style, length, texture and volume. These amazing coats help us recognize dog breeds as well as our own dog. They are also the dog’s first layer of protection from the elements and for the environment in which they live.  As pet parents, there is a need to understand why dogs coats are amazing and our part in helping our dog manage their fur-ever coat.

Shave Downs Aren’t The Answer

Hair! Hair everywhere! Dogs coats are amazing and they’re FUR-ever! Whether it’s dog hair all over your house, your car, your work suits – even in your soup, shave downs aren’t the answer. Many dogs have double coats with seasonal undercoats  or a heavy growth of their overall coat and for some reason this just doesn’t set right with some pet parents. Besides the statically charged hairs flying off the dog, dog hairs can also clump together as they are shed and become tangled mats. What’s a pet parent to do?

Resist the shave down. Shaving long haired dogs, double coated dogs or even shorter-haired breeds can increase their risk of sunburn once shaved. Even the typical house dog that only uses the yard a couple of time a day for potty breaks needs it’s fur-ever coat. Once shaved, there is really no guarantee the coat will grow back as evenly or fully as it began. We’ve seen it happen and it is true.

Create Good Grooming Habits

Do not be misled by the assumption that a shorter coat will help keep your dog  cool in the summer and will stop the shedding. It will simply make your dog less tolerant to the heat due to the loss of the natural insulation for both hot and cold weather and the coat will still shed. The hair will just be shorter.

Regular coat brushing is basic to good grooming and a dog’s healthy fur-ever coat. Amazingly, the cost of a good dog brush, correct for the size, type and texture of your dog’s  specific coat, is relatively inexpensive over the life of your dog. To the people who say,”My dog doesn’t like it when I try to brush him. He bites at the brush.”, check with a professional groomer for help with your pet’s coat care. Once a dog learns to be still, brushing to remove dead hair and undercoat can be accomplished in a much shorter brushing session. Shaving a dog’s coat should only be done in extreme cases of matting or with certain skin conditions.

What Is The Answer To The Question?

So the dogs in the above photo are “A”, comfortable and well groomed.  They may be panting and that’s good because that’s the normal way dogs cool off their body heat. They are walking along and if you followed our lead, you now know they have amazing healthy, natural coats that help them stay cool in summer and warm in winter!