Dog Walks

Dog Walks

Dogs need to walk for exercise and mental stimulation. Walking is natural to dogs. They have four legs that enable their ease of travel and avoidance of boredom. Dog walks fulfill so many canine needs that no loving owner is excused for not including it in a daily routine. Exercise keeps muscles fit, frames strong, weight in check, and may prevent or alleviate degenerative joint diseases.  Regardless of size, breed, gender or age, a dog needs physical activity as in dog walks in order to be a balanced, healthy animal.

Dog Walks Are Natural and Beneficial

Dog Walk

Dog Walk for a Shih Tzu. A dog’s running and trotting gaits are useful but fade in comparison to the benefits of daily dog walks.

Consistent walks help dogs. Behaviorists believe dogs having daily walks are better behaved. Dogs that are walked are less likely to be destructive, obsessive, or have separation anxiety.

Twenty minutes is a good amount of time to aim for most dogs—even seniors, if they’re in good health. If your dog is active, he may need longer walks or more walks per day.

4 15 NW2010 009 Dog walksDogs need a minimum of exercise every three days. Consistent dog walks help dogs avoid boredom and strengthen mental circuits that produce the mechanisms of movement.

Dog Walks Are Stress Reducers

Dogs may in fact suffer the consequences of stress when a daily exercise is not ordered. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort recommends pet families support good health by providing a variety of aerobic activities for their pets.  Dog Walks are on our campus. Nature Walks lead through Buffalo Run Park in Missouri City.

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Check out our Pampering and Activities list  that affords the opportunity to choose the activity type and frequency that best suits your dog. Whether your pet is a social butterfly, a star athlete or a couch potato – all pets feel better when they are able to put their bodies in motion.  Call 281-835-4445 to schedule a Dog Walk, Nature Walk or other aerobic activities for your dog.