Westbury TX Dog Training Near Me

Are you searching “Westbury TX dog training near me?” Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort may be the place for your dog to learn basic obedience training. We offer a wide variety of dog training options, such as group and private lessons. We are located in Missouri City, but the facility still resides in the Houston city limits.

The training programs offered at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort are beneficial in many ways. Many owners find themselves closer to their dog than before taking the class. That bond is essential when it comes to a dog and its owners. We highly recommend puppy training because of the many benefits it provides.

Additionally, we do not just offer dog training. Dog owners can also use our pet boarding, pet grooming, or daycare services. Your dog will love each service we offer at our facility. Schedule a boarding reservation and a grooming session all in one. It helps save owners money and time. Dog training is also available alongside boarding options. In fact, we have a training option just for boarded dogs.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was created in 1999 when JoAnn Ellis wanted a spacious and luxury resort for her dogs. She had a difficult time finding a facility with spacious environments and resort activities. So, she purchased land and built a facility with a pet-friendly architect. Pet boarding is easy to come by, but the quality certainly varies.

This Westbury pet hotel is dedicated to offering the best experiences for owners and their pets. The team members on our staff are experienced and skilled in how they care for the pets. The dog trainers are also experienced and will help dog owners learn the steps needed for their dogs to obey.

The Four Ways to Train Your Dog

Westbury TX Dog Training Near Me

Improve your dog’s behavior with dog training classes.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers four different ways of training your dog. Each of these ways varies in length and may not be suitable for your dog. For example, your dog may not do well around other dogs, so the individual sessions are best suited for them. If you are not sure which type of training your dog would benefit from, get in touch with us today. We can help you determine which would be best.

The first type of training we offer are individual lessons. You, your dog, and a trainer will spend 45 minutes to an hour covering a range of lessons. If solo lessons are not your dog’s preference, then group classes may be a better alternative. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resorts offers numerous different group lessons. Overall, pet parents and their dogs meet weekly for five weeks.

Another dog training option is to refresh training. This option is great for owners who are boarding their dogs with us. Our trainer can bring your dog out for a refresher course. This helps keep your dog up-to-date on your commands. Simply give the trainer what you want them refreshed on, and they will do just that.

Finally, the last option for dog owners is a more extensive option. Lodge and learn offers 21 days of dog training sessions. Dogs will learn the most important obedience commands. Dog parents will then view the last day of training before they depart. These consecutive days of training are great for dogs because it will help them learn through repetition.

Westbury TX Dog Training Near Me

Build a stronger relationship with your dog via obedience training.

Types of Group Training

The type of group training classes we offer are below.

  • Beginner’s Obedience – a great option for new dogs over four months of age
  • Introduction to Rally Obedience – for dogs over the age of four months which features a fun event to challenge dogs and their owners
  • Beginners Agility – for dogs who have completed basic obedience training, focuses on safety, introducing agility obstacles, and basic skills
  • Other Group Classes – advanced group classes and practice session meet for an hour each week in sets of five, dogs must be qualified by completing novice and intermediate training

Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training is beneficial in a handful of ways. If you are still not convinced about dog training, then these benefits may convince you. Dog training benefits you, the dog, and those around your dog. Owners can also understand their dog more by training them. On the other hand, dogs will learn more about you and what you want from them.

Stronger Bond

Dog training will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Statistics show us that owners with well-trained dogs have a healthier bond with their canine. As your dog learns, they will become more relaxed, happy, and obedient. These features improve your mood and subsequently do the same for the dog. As they listen to you, you will feel more pleasure from them listening than disobeying you.

Easier Management

Westbury TX Dog Training Near Me

You and your dog will benefit from our training classes.

Basic commands like sit, stay, and lay down can be very beneficial. The help owners manage their dogs more easily. If you can manage your dog, then you can take part in more activities such as dog-friendly events. Your dog will also be able to go more places because you will have more control over them. You won’t have to keep leaving them at home or putting them away when guests come over. Easier management helps you, the dog, and nearby people enjoy the time.

Knowledgable and Fun

If your dog knows a number of commands, then they can have a fun time. Furthermore, your dog will also be very knowledgable in what you want from them. Your dog will be the life of the party when it comes to tricks and commands. Training your dog these commands is easy by simply enrolling in one of our courses.

Westbury TX Dog Training Near Me

If you are interested in our dog training programs, then give us a call at (281) 835-4445. Dog owners and their dogs will benefit immensely. Your dog will become more sociable, friendly, and manageable. Plus, a stronger bond is always better. So, visit our dog training page to find out more. If you are searching “Westbury TX dog training near me,” then give our team a call today.

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