Sugar Land Dog Training Near Me

If you need Sugar Land Dog Training Near Me, you should consider Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. We provide four different class styles and can surely find a training program that fits your schedule. Furthermore, we offer a variety of group training classes. Even if you and your pet attend a class with other dogs, you have the option to choose what you both focus on in the class. Below, we will explain the different training programs and the various group classes that we offer.

Sugar Land Dog Training Near Me

Agility training for dogs Sugar Land TX

Profession Dog Training Programs

We know that each pet family is different, and that means you have different schedules. Also, your needs are different. One pet may need to learn the basics, while another just needs time to practice what they already know. Fortunately, we have classes that can cover just about any skill set. By the end of each session, you can be sure that your dog learned something new—and had a good time doing it!

Private Lessons

Our individual training sessions are a popular option for pet parents. This private obedience class gives your pet the opportunity to focus on what they need to learn. Some pets learn much better this way. If you have a dog or puppy that is easily distracted or excited, consider a private session. You may waste countless hours in group training sessions if your dog learns best on his or her own. You may already have an idea of whether your pet needs a private lesson. If that is the case, our Trainers are ready and able to help!

Private lessons also give you the opportunity to guide the session. In group classes, our Trainers try to stick to a plan and cover the material relevant to the course. Our Trainers can come to a private class prepared with a lesson if you aren’t sure where to begin. On the other hand, we can focus on the commands that you have in mind. For ideas about what you’d like your pet to learn, consider your home life and your dog’s favorite activities. For example, if you take your dog on daily walks, commands such as “heel” and “stay” will be extremely beneficial. In fact, these commands can keep your dog out of danger.

Refresh Lessons

If you’ve booked a hotel stay for your dog at Fondren 5 Star Resort, you have the option to sign your pet up for refresh training. These sessions will take place over the consecutive days that your dog lodges at our resort. During that time, we’ll focus on the training techniques that they already know. Additionally, you can make specific training requests for your pet. This is a good way to make sure that your dog doesn’t develop behavior problems, such as ignoring your commands.

Lodge and Learn

Our Lodge and Learn program focuses on all of the general concerns with dog behavior. Our Professional Dog Trainers teach your pet the most important commands over the course of twenty-one days. When you come back, you can view a great demonstration of your dog’s new skills. Your dog will stay at our resort and experience all of the finest aspects of a 5-star pet hotel. Furthermore, he or she will have daily mental stimulation and lots of great rewards for a job well done.

Sugar Land Dog Training Near Me

Sugar Land Dog Training Near Me

Dog and Puppy Training Group Classes

Our group classes take place over five weeks. Pet parents and their dogs meet at a specified day and time for five weeks to cover pre-planned lessons. You’ll be working directly with your dog, so both of you will learn new skills. The more you practice, the more comfortable both of you will be.

Beginner’s Obedience Classes

Our beginner’s group classes are designed for new pets, and dogs over four months of age. As mentioned before, you’ll be working with your pet during the group sessions. This makes our classes the perfect opportunity for you and your new family member to connect. Your dog will also become very familiar with your command style and expectations during these five months. He or she will grow to trust you and soon will follow your every command.

Other Group Classes

In addition to beginner’s classes, our trainers hold Intermediate and Advanced courses for dogs and owners who have completed our beginner’s sessions. We’ll pick up right where we left off and teach even more great commands. Additionally, you and your pet can sign up for classes based on rally obedience, agility, and more. These classes go beyond our standard obedience lessons. These classes provide fun and engaging exercise for you and your dog. If your dog doesn’t play with toys, agility training is a great activity for them!

Sugar Land Dog Training Near Me

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Dog Owners, Call Us For Dog Training!

No matter which class you sign up for, we only use positive reinforcement to teach dogs new skills. Our Trainers use rewards, applause, treats, and other means of encouragement for your pup. That way, they actually want to learn the commands that we try to teach them. Long after they’ve left the session, you’ll find that they eagerly “sit” or “stay.” We hope that you take advantage of the training and education of our friendly Dog Trainers when you want to teach your pet new commands. Don’t waste time with dog training companies that use physical punishment to train or potty train your dog. Not only do fear-based strategies not work for dogs, but they also lead to bigger problems, like hiding potty incidents and aggression towards other dogs and humans.

Call Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort to learn more about our amazing training programs and how we can teach your dog to be a better housemate. You can reach our resort at (281) 835-4445 to learn more about any of our services. We offer cat boarding, dog boarding, and grooming. Let us know what time works best for you and we can set an appointment for Sugar Land Dog Training Near Me.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • Musicians have written many songs about Sugar Land.
  • Sugar Land’s Town Square is over 1 mile wide.
  • Sugar Land has been named a Community of Respect for several consecutive years.
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