Stafford Dog Training Near Me

You’ll find the best Stafford Dog Training Near Me at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. As a pet resort for dogs, cats, birds, and more, our staff is experienced and educated in animal care and behavior. Our instructors are flexible and can work with dogs of all skill levels.

Our pet resort provides over 4 acres of combined indoor and outdoor space for our pet guests to play, train, and relax. This allows us to offer unique classes such as agility training. The other services you’ll find at our resort include boarding, dog day care, and pet grooming. This allows Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort to act as a one-stop solution for caring for your pet. Our full suite of pet care services prevents the need for soliciting several different establishments to perform individual services. In fact, we can combine our service, such as our dog training and lodging, for example.

If you need dog training, allow our trainers to assist you. Our obedience training offers will make your life much easier for years to come.

Stafford Dog Training Near Me

Advanced Dog Training Classes Stafford TX

Do You Need Stafford Dog Training Near Me?

If you want to eliminate problem dog behaviors and instill good habits in your pet, we recommend dog training. You’ll need to supplement this training with consistent practice at home, but the right training classes will give you and your dog a great start. You’ll both learn the basics and will be able to practice each day until your dog follows your commands perfectly. We understand that many pet parents have taken their dogs to training classes before, but once the class is over, the dog seems to have forgotten all of his training! You may need a new method of training, which Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort can provide.

We recommend our group classes for puppies and dogs over 4 months old and dogs that are new to your family. Your dog may have learned a few tricks from their previous owner. However, it’s always helpful to take inventory of what they know and what they need to strengthen. As your dog’s skills progress, you are welcome to join more advanced classes and learn even more.

You’ll find that the dog training classes at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort provide an added benefit: flexibility. As you will see below, we offer the standard group training classes for dogs. However, if your dog needs private lessons or a fully immersive experience, we can provide that as well. We are a high-end pet hotel with the real estate to provide a totally different training experience. Keep reading below to learn more!

Stafford Dog Training Near Me

Stafford Dog Training Near Me

Types of Dog Training Classes

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate a wide variety of pets and their owners. Depending on your dog’s current skill level and your own personal schedule, you may prefer one of our classes over the other. Consider enrolling in the class that is most convenient, based on your needs and goals.

Individual Obedience Classes

Our private lessons are perfect for dogs who aren’t ready to participate in group classes. Dogs who are easily wound or distracted might not reap the full benefits of a class with so much other activity taking place. Instead, they may need to start out with one-on-one sessions. With time, they may be able to matriculate into group classes, or they may no longer have a need for obedience training because they’ve learned their new commands!

Other types of dogs who would benefit from private classes are those who don’t need the longer, drawn-out group sessions. Additionally, those dogs with pet parents who can’t make the consistent time commitment of the group sessions can still train their dog thanks to our individual classes. An added bonus of the individual class is the opportunity for you, the et owner, to tailor the lesson to fit your needs. We can train your dog based on your area of focus. Ultimately, this option is best for those who need the utmost flexibility and personalization.

Group Classes

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers a variety of group dog training classes, for dogs at all levels. Once your pet has passed our Beginner’s class, he or she can sign up for our Intermediate or Advanced courses. Additionally, graduation from the introductory course permits your pet to join our rally or agility courses.

Our group classes take place over five weeks, and dogs and their parents meet at a specific time and day for training. You’ll work right alongside your pet, so the two of you will become more familiar with one another during this training. Our group classes last 45 minutes to an hour per week and cover the most important obedience techniques.

Refresh Training & Lodge and Learn

Unlike the individual and group classes, you won’t be present during the refresh training or lodge and learn sessions. Both of these training options are available for dogs who stay at the resort for consecutive days. We can fit the refresh training into your pet’s resort stay, and you have the option to specify which commands you want us to focus on. This is a great way to make sure your dog doesn’t “forget” any of his or her commands. On the other hand, our lodge and learn program is designed for pets who have extended stays at the resort. Over a twenty-one day period, our dog trainer will cover the most important commands. Thus, dogs with little or no training can benefit greatly from this experience, especially if other training methods have failed.

Stafford Dog Training Near Me

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To learn more about our Stafford Dog Training Near Me, you can click here or contact us at (281) 835-4445. We can help you decide which of our classes is best for your pet, and tell you more about our schedule and private class availability. Our trainers only use positive reinforcement to create a lasting change in the behavior of your pet. In no time, you’ll notice a change in how well your dog behaves!

Stafford Fun Facts

  • Stafford has over 35 acres of green space.
  • The city doesn’t charge city property taxes.
  • Stafford was originally known as Stafford Pointe.
  • Click here to learn more about Stafford.