South West Houston Dog Training Near Me

If you’re in search of South West Houston Dog Training Near Me, consider the services of our trainers at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. We are dedicated to creating the ideal environment for your pet to experience comfort and happiness, no matter how long or short their stay. At our pet resort, we provide high-end rooms and engaging activities to pamper your four-legged family members while you are away.

If you have a trip planned, consider rooming your pet at our resort. We offer obedience training packages for lodging dogs and puppies. However, we also provide training opportunities for pets who don’t rent a room at our resort. In short, we offer ample opportunities for you to train your dog in whichever way is most convenient for you and your family.

South West Houston Dog Training Near Me

Group Dog Training Classes Houston TX

Our Dog Training Services

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, we offer four different obedience classes. Each class follows a different schedule in terms of how long the program lasts. Thus, you can select the option that will benefit your pet the most based on their current level of training. Our training programs range from 45 minutes to twenty-one days.

Individual Dog Training

Our individual sessions last 45 minutes to an hour. A Training Instructor will meet with you and your dog at a specific time for the training, and provide one-on-one training. This type of obedience class is best for dog-owners who need flexibility. You can schedule classes one at a time and aren’t stuck with a set schedule. Furthermore, the short classes are the best time frame for your dog. Obedience classes that go on for too long might frustrate your pet, or lose his or her attention. An hour is long enough to solidify new lessons without exhausting your dog’s morale.

Individual lessons can be tailored to your dog’s specific needs. If you have trouble with one or two areas, we can dedicate the training session to that command. Furthermore, this quick one-on-one session is great for dogs who just need to freshen up their skills. Quick learners can benefit greatly from a single session, especially if you keep up the training at home.

If your dog is overly reactive or has behavior problems, individual sessions may be the best option. Unfortunately, a distracted or overwhelmed dog won’t make the most out of his or her training session. Instead of wasting time and money in group obedience classes, schedule a one-on-one session at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Your pet will get the undivided, undisturbed attention they need to truly grasp their new training.

South West Houston Dog Training Near Me

South West Houston Dog Training Near Me

Group Classes

Our group classes meet on a specific day and time for a five-week period. Multiple dogs attend our group classes, which gives your dog the added bonus of socialization training. Our group classes follow a certain regiment and are great for pets who need general training. If you don’t have any specific concerns about your pet’s ability to grasp and retain information, our group sessions are a great opportunity for them to learn new skills. Of course, our Professional Dog Trainers make sure that no dog is left behind, even in our group sessions.

For pet parents who can fit a consistent class into their schedule for about a month, our group classes cover a lot of information in a short amount of time. This type of class also gives pet-owners a great chance to meet each other and share tips, tricks, and stories.

Refresh Training While Lodging

Our refresh sessions are perfect for pets who need to stay at our resort. However long your pet’s stay, a Dog Trainer will work with them to make sure they don’t lose or forget any of their valuable skills while you’re away. Like the activity sessions, your dog will get some great mental stimulation during their time at the resort. However, they’ll also be directing their focus toward productive habits.

If you train your dog regularly while you’re at home, our training sessions will fit right into your dog’s normal routine. On the other hand, perhaps your pet has a bit too much free time and you want them to also do a little work on this vacation. In either case, we’ll assess your dog’s current level of training and take it from there. We’ll strengthen their current command obedience and focus on training that you specifically requested.

Lodge and Learn

Our Lodge and Learn program is a long-term training option for our overnight guests. For three weeks, your pet will stay at our resort and learn various new commands. At the end of their stay, we’ll give you a demonstration of all the skills they learned while they were at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. For many pet parents, this is the best way to provide their dog with a complete training regiment. In less than a month, your pet will be more trained and easier to manage than before.

Many dogs who participate in the Learn and Lodge classes are beginners. Fortunately, they don’t leave us the same way they arrived! Furthermore, our Trainers can work with intermediate and even advanced pets during the 21 days. We’ll strengthen their responsiveness to commands they know and teach them a range of new obedience commands as well. Fully immerse your dog in the world of obedience training at our 5-star resort!

South West Houston Dog Training Near Me

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Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort Trainers have the education and training needed to help your dog learn new tricks. Call us today at (281) 835-4445 to speak with us about our South West Houston Dog Training Near Me. We can help you pick the best obedience classes for your dog based on temperament, current level of training, and your schedule. In no time, your life will be easier because your dog will listen to your calls and commands.

As their training progresses, your pet can enjoy many other social activities with other dogs. Our resort also offers a dog daycare for friendly pups to play while their parents are at work. You should also ask us about our South West Houston Doggy day careContact us online to learn more, and give Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort when you’re ready to schedule a visit or training session!

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