Maplewood South TX Dog Training Near Me

If you are a dog owner searching for “Maplewood South TX dog training near me,” then give Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort a call today. We offer various different dog training classes. Owners should consider dog training in order to create a stronger bond, maintain their pet, and improve their sociability. These benefits and more are why you should consider dog training.

Our dog trainer is highly skilled and is able to help you learn your dog in order to control them. Simple obedience training can go a long way in how your dog behaves. Dog training has statistically shown stronger bonds in owners and their dogs. If you are interested in a stronger bond with your dog, then enroll in a program today.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort was established in 1999 by JoAnn Ellis. She desired a spacious and luxurious boarding facility for her dogs. When she started looking and could not find such a facility, she created her own. JoAnn has more than 20 years of experience working with rescue organizations and caring for pets.

The pet hotel also has more than 20 years of experience with pet owners. This expertise shows owners that we can care for their pets. From dogs to hamsters, our team can help you have a stress-free trip by providing the ultimate care for your pet.

The Types of Dog Training

Maplewood South TX Dog Training Near Me

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers a wide range of training classes.

Our facility offers four different types of dog training. Not all of these training types are for every dog, but they do offer similar benefits to one another. Firstly, dog owners can consider an individual lesson. Individual lessons are 45 minutes to an hour in length and cover the most basic obedience commands.

Another type of training we offer is refreshment training. This is when your dog is staying with us for consecutive days. The trainer will tough on specific commands the owner requests. Additionally, this type of training helps owners maintain their dog’s obedience. Thirdly, owners can enroll their pup in lodge and learn. Lodge and learn consists of 21 days of important commands. The last day is when the parents view their dog’s progress before departing.

Finally, dogs can participate in many different types of group training. If your dog has never been in a training session, then the beginner’s course is where you would start. It is a great option for new owners and puppies over the age of four months. After that, parents can enroll in the introduction to rally obedience. This is a fun challenge for dogs and their owners as they participate in a rally event.

Once you and your dog have completed beginners obedience, you both can move on to beginner’s agility. This option emphasizes safety, introduces agility obstacles, and basic skills. Finally, we have a slew of other group classes. These classes are mainly advanced options for dogs that have completed novice or intermediate dog training.

So, your dog has plenty of options to learn obedience skills at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. These skills will generate a stronger bond between you and your dog. Furthermore, it will help you maintain them. Of course, these are only a few benefits of dog training. There are several reasons why you should train your dog.

Dog Training Benefits

Dogs are amazing creatures. They naturally want to bond with humans, which makes them easier to train than other animals. Owners should consider training their dogs because of the slew of benefits they offer. Dog training is known to improve bonds, give owners more control, develope a better understanding, and more. Dog owners should start considering dog training to start reaping the benefits.

Maplewood South TX Dog Training Near Me

Create a stronger bond with your pup through dog training.

Create a Stronger Bond

A stronger bond will be created when you start training your dog. They will start looking to you for guidance. Statistics have shown that dogs and their owners develop stronger bonds when going through training. Dogs are more obedient, which leads to a more trustworthy and happy relationship. When owners and their dogs train, they begin to learn about each other more. Your and your dog will learn more about each other, which will help in other areas of your relationship.

Greater Control

Having control over your pet is essential. The lack of control can lead to you, your dog, or others getting hurt. Controlling your dog in a healthy way will help keep them out of trouble and generate that stronger bond. Moreover, greater control allows you to go more places with your dog. No one likes leaving their dog at home or left in a pin. Gain better control with training, so your dog behaves better.

Essential Stimulation

Dog training helps provide your dog with engaging and stimulating mental activity. Dogs enjoy their treat more when they have done something to earn it. Take your dog through training, and they will want to stimulate those parts of their minds more often. Additionally, mental stimulation is important for your dog to stay active. Your dog will think they need to master a command to provide satisfaction in many areas.

A Safer Dog

Maplewood South TX Dog Training Near Me

A safer dog could potentially save their life.

Obedience training is beneficial for you and your dog relationship-wise, but it can also save his or her life. For example, a simple thunderstorm could scare off your pup. A simple sit and stay command could keep him from running off. Furthermore, basic commands can keep your dog from getting hit by a car or prevent them from being attacked by another dog.

Maplewood South TX Dog Training Near Me

Dog owners should stop searching “Maplewood South TX dog training near me” and start calling (281) 835-4445. Ask a team member about the wide range of dog training classes we offer. Also, visit our website for pet grooming, pet boarding, and daycare services. These services can all be scheduled in conjunction with others. The dog trainer Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort has is skilled in what she does. She will help you teach your dog a number of different skills and tasks. So, owners can finally stop searching “Maplewood South TX dog training near me” and start training.

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