Sugar Land Kennels Near Me

What sets Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort apart from the other Sugar Land Kennels Near Me? Well, where do we begin? From our years of experience to our staff to our amenities, you’ll find that nothing quite compares to our resort experience. Below, we’ll explain what makes us the best boarding facility for your pet. Soon, you’ll be able to see pretty clearly why we’ve been in business for so long.

Sugar Land Kennels Near Me

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Upscale Boarding Services

Our Sugar Land pet hotel is, as our name suggests, a resort. That means that we intend to go above and beyond the services of a typical pet boarding facility. Furthermore, we consistently do so. From the inside out, our resort is designed to offer superior comfort and luxury to our guests and their human family members.

Massive Facility

Our resort sits comfortably on more than four acres of land. This provides ample indoor and outdoor space for your pets to board and play. Outdoors, we’ve cultivated 24 exercise yards for our canine guests. Each yard has a baby wading pool which we constantly refresh with clean water. The yards have plenty of shade trees, toys, and agility equipment. We also have an indoor activity center that takes up the entire level of one of our buildings. The indoor play area doubles as an agility training room and features the same obstacles and equipment we train pets with each day. When your pet stays at our resort, either for dog boarding or daycare, he or she has access to this indoor or outdoor landscape, depending on the weather.

Within the boarding area, you’ll find that our lodging accommodations match the impressiveness of the activity areas. Our smallest suites are 4 ft. x 6ft., which is large enough to comfortably house an adult large-breed dog. Whether you have large or small dogs, we have comfortable rooms for them. In fact, families with multiple pets find that our suites afford enough space for all of their dogs or cats to board together. This not only cuts boarding costs but allows the pet-siblings the additional comfort of one another’s’ companionship.

For a detailed description of our suites for dogs, click here. For cats, click here. We also board avian pets and pocket pets at our resort! As long as your pet doesn’t require live feeding, they are welcome at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. Click here to learn more about our small pet boarding.

Sugar Land Kennels Near Me

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 Comprehensive Pet Care

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, your pet has access to more than lodging. It’s important that your pet has ample opportunities for activity and mental stimulation. This is true whether your pet is boarding or will return home at the end of the day. That’s why our staff provides many different activities for pets.

If your cat or dog will be boarding with us, you have the option to select various activities or activity packages for them. You get to choose which activities your pet enjoys or will benefit from the most. Our packages are designed to accommodate different activity levels, from high-strung puppies to aging family members. However, you can also design your own custom activity plan for your dog or cat by selecting the activities a la carte.

In addition to boarding activities, we also host daily doggie daycare. Non-lodging guests can join our daycare for either full- or half-day sessions for a day of play with other dogs. Our lodging guests are welcome to join the daycare, as well. Daycare is a great option for working pet parents or those who want their friendly pups to spend more time socializing with other canines. You can learn more about our doggie daycare by clicking here.

Our other services include puppy classes and grooming. Like daycare, both boarding and non-boarding dogs can make reservations for either of these options. If your pet is lodging with us, training or grooming is a great way to make even more of your pet’s time here.

Exceptional Staff

You can never overstate the importance of educated staff. Our trainers are skilled at what they do and only use positive reinforcement. This style of training ensures that your pet learns their new commands, without learning negative behaviors in the process. Negative reinforcement or positive punishment can cause dogs to hide problem behaviors rather than correct them. Furthermore, your pet might lash out at other pets or even humans out of fear or frustration. Our trainers teach dogs new skills, the right way.

Likewise, the rest of our staff is trained in their area of expertise. If supervising daycare and group play, the staff members are well-versed in safe play for dogs. From temperament testing and beyond, we make sure that everyone involved is having a great time. Our groomers can transform the looks of any dog or cat, no matter the breed, size, age, or coat condition. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is able to provide lodging and activities for so many different types of pets because we’re educated and informed about the needs of canines, felines, reptiles, avian pets, and small mammals. We know how to keep your pets comfy, engaged, and happy while they’re away from the rest of the family.

Customized Schedule

Regardless of the services you need, your pet will be well-cared for at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort. You know what’s best for your pet. Relay that information to us, and we’ll make sure your pet feels at home. From activities to needed medications to adjusted feeding schedules, we are willing and able to fulfill your pet’s specific needs.

Sugar Land Kennels Near Me

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Your pet deserves the best. So do you. By providing your pet the best service and amenities that money could buy, you give yourself peace of mind. Stop by Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort today for a tour and to learn more about the great care we provide to all of our guests. Let us be your go-to Sugar Land dog hotel. You can also call us at (281) 835-4445 if you need Sugar Land Kennels Near Me. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • You’ve probably spotted Sugar Land in a few movies.
  • The Sugar Land Refinery operated until 2002.
  • The city has nearly 600 acres of undeveloped parkland.
  • Click here to learn more about Sugar Land.