Sienna Plantation Boarding Kennels

Have you seen our Sienna Plantation boarding kennels? There are a lot of services that we offer which you may find very enticing. For starters, the boarding kennels that we offer are not what you might think. We don’t have kennels per se, but rather our boarding options will resemble suites in a hotel instead. There are no bars or closed glass walls that make it feel cramped or impersonal.

This way, your pet can enjoy the highest levels of luxury so as to compensate for the absence of their owners. When you are going out on a trip whether it is for a business meeting or a vacation, you usually have to set up different plans for your pet because they can’t join you. It is saddening but providing your pet with a spa resort vacation while you’re going on yours may offer some solace.

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The opportunities at our pet hotel are very extensive. We can provide your pet with all of the various amenities and programs that will not only boost their health but impress powerful lessons and revitalize their spirit! Our professional care will ensure that they have a safe and exciting stay. Below are the main services that we provide guests.

You can select one of the following, or combine them to have the ultimate experience!

Dog Training

This regards some of the different sessions and classes that we offer. Dog training will revolve around building better discipline in your dogs. The goal is to provide intensive lesson plans for obedience, bark control, and good communication with their owners. We can either set this service up to be an individual class or a group one. You can apply it to our pet boarding, and doggy daycare packages, too!

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Pet Boarding

Whenever you are going out of town for a few days, or perhaps even a few weeks, you can use our pet boarding to house your pet. We can take all kinds of animals, from lizards and birds to dogs and cats! The only pets we cannot take are those that eat live food. Nevertheless, we are excited to showcase this option because it is one of our most popular specials.

With schedule feeding times, exercise times and playtimes, your pet will be free to enjoy all of the activities that keep them healthy and engaged. Furthermore, we have specific times scheduled to give belly rubs and staff petting, too!

Doggy Daycare

Our boarding option will not be the only time you can get the belly rubs, though. If you find yourself in a position where you are gone for most of the day and cannot provide enough quality care to your pet like you’d prefer, let us take care of it! We can give your dog the love and affection during the time when you’re unable to.

The schedule will be similar to the pet boarding and you can also integrate a training session into this package as well. They will be able to stay in unique suites that we offer and indulge in all of our wonderful amenities.

Pet Grooming

The final package that we offer is a service that can stand alone like all of the others but can also be implemented into other packages like the training sessions. This is a very thorough spa with professional groomers ready to provide a lavish experience for your dogs and cats.

We can trim fur, give baths and do nail treatments. There will be the option to brush teeth, give facials, and even aromatherapy. Our aromatherapy salon offers features such as protein-packed conditioners and shampoos that are made with essential oils and plant extracts. Oatmeal baths are also available if you so choose!

Our Sienna Plantation Boarding Kennels

When we mention our boarding kennels, we really mean suites! There are some amazing options that we will go through below. Each one is made fully furnished, completely designed for our furry little friends!

Single Suite

While most boarding kennels will be less than 4×4 feet, our smallest room is 6×4 feet and it comes with a comfortable bench and sleeping conditions. This is our most economical option and still provides excellent service.

Double Suite

On the chance that your pet is much larger than the average, or you have multiple pets and desire them to stay in the same suite, we can offer extended options that will give them extensive space and support their sleeping and eating conditions, too.

Standard Patio

This option is specifically for dogs, which will allow you to give them a full outdoor experience. They can enjoy the afternoon, relax and feel the breeze as much as they please. Some owners prefer this to have them stuck inside all day!

Plaza Suite

Private luxurious suite with, full-screen terrace window, television and roof fan. It also has well-designed walls and ceiling that provides extra privacy.

VIP suite

This suite provides the blended benefits of roof panels, ambient lighting, toddler beds, and a six-foot, full-visibility, sliding door. The bedding is a huge comfort plus that we want to highlight as well.

Garden Suite

This luxury suite offers all the amenities of the VIP Suite with the added bonus of doggie door access to a large covered terrace so they can move independently between indoors and outside.

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In order to get the best Sienna Plantation boarding kennels, you have to go where they are hardly like kennels at all! Our suites are some of the most luxurious options for pets on the market. Unlike competitors, we strive to make living conditions better and better because we want to provide our guests with the accommodations to be as happy as can be when their owners are away. In order to reach us, simply call (281) 835-4445 or visit our website to learn more about all of our packages. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Originally a plantation in the late 1800s
  • A location where Stephen F. Austin began his settlement.
  • Within a 30 minutes drive of Houston
  • For more info about Sienna Plantation, click here!