Gourmet Treats Your Pet Will Love

The Scoop About Gourmet Treats

Americans travel great distances to be with their family and friends.  Even traveling for work or play can take you away from home. Because of a variety of reasons, one thing is certain for many families.  Their pets cannot always go with them.  There is a way your pet can be with friends, have fun and enjoy food even if their family is away. Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort is ready to provide this care for your pet.  It’s our mission to keep your pet active and healthy and one way we do this is with our Gourmet Treats.Gourmet treats

Healthy Treats

Gourmet treats at Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort are just one way pets receive 5 star treatment.  Each of the discounted Activity Packages contain a Gourmet treat plus these special morsels are also offered a la carte. Whether savory or sweet, these tasty treats are made fresh daily and have simple, healthy ingredients.  Crispy baked won-ton shells are filled with combinations of natural-low fat-unflavored yogurt, cooked pumpkin, unsweetened coconut, sweet potato, green beans, carrot, banana,  apple or nuts.

Holiday Treatsgourmet-treats-012

Variety is said to be the spice of life and variety is the only spice added to our gourmet treats.  Hugs and Kisses Pancakes in February, Frozen Yogurt Pup Pops in July and Savory Turkey Pot Pie for the winter holidays is just a short list of Gourmet Treats  created to celebrate special days.


Beneficial Treats

When you need pet lodging and your pet is on a regiment of antibiotics, one unfortunate side effect is that the medicine kills the good bacteria as well as the bad.  Offering a gourmet treat to your pet after medications will help restore some of the good bacteria.  The probiotics also fight yeast infections, which are not uncommon in young growing puppies or in dogs that are plagued with recurrent ear and skin infections.gourmet-treats-004

How To Treat Your Dog

pigs-in-a-blanketWhen pets are busy with activities throughout the day they are more relaxed and separation anxieties are curbed.  This is what we believe every pet parent wants for their pets.  Dogs know they’re really being cared for when their day of fun activities is paired with a healthy, delicious treat. Every gourmet treat is created from foods safe for pets.  They not only offer sources of either fiber or probiotics but also temper the natural stress pets are subject to when away from home and their normal routines.