Activities and Pampering For Dogs

At Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort, your pet can enjoy all the comforts of home. Our discounted activity packages provide extra value to ensure your pet enjoys a healthy and fun lifestyle while with us. Give us a call and let our reservation specialist work with you to customize the best activities or interaction package 

Activities for recreation and relaxation include nature walks, supervised individual and group play, massages, tuck-in story time, and gourmet treats. Select from our activity packages grouped for your best value.

dog playing with frisbee

Our Activity Packages

The 5 Star Package

Five favorite activities for very active dogs. Nature Walk, Dog Park, Play Time, Bedtime Belly Rub, Gourmet Treat.

The 4 Star Package

Four popular activities for moderately active dogs. Nature Walk, Play Time, Cuddle Time, Gourmet Treat.

The 3 Star Package

Three fun activity choices for normally active dogs. Play Time, Potty Break, Gourmet Treat.

The Puppy Package

Multiple outings, potty breaks, and play times for young dogs. Play Time X 2, Potty Break X 2, Bedtime Story & Tuck-in, Gourmet Treat.

The T.L.C. Package

Sensitive and thoughtful activities. Two Stretch/Mobility Sessions, Unlimited medications, Orthopedic Bedding, Bed Time Belly Rub, Gourmet Treat.

Dog Boarding Activities

These are individual selections that afford the opportunity to choose the activity type and frequency that best suits your dog. Whether your pet is a social butterfly, a star athlete, a couch potato, or the shy and retiring type - all pets feel better when they are able to engage in aerobic exercises and put their bodies in motion.

Daycare Plus - group play while lodging
Nature Walk - 30-minute walk in Buffalo Run Park
Dog Park - 15-minute romp in our 2 acre Dog Park
Play Time - 15 minutes of play with staff
Dog Walk - 10-minute walk on campus
Extra Exercise - 15-minute additional outside time
Potty Break - 5-minute brief relief walk
Cuddle Time - 10-minute interaction with staff
Gourmet Treat - delicious & made fresh daily
Stretch & Mobility - 15-minute gentle exercise
Orthopedic Bedding - comfort foam bed
Bedtime Belly Rub - 10-minute interaction with staff
Story Time and Tuck-in - 10-minute interaction with staff

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We encourage you to call and reserve as soon as you know you need to board your dog.

Although we are seasoned hosts for many families’ canine pets, we are looking forward to meeting and getting to know your dog personally. Reserving in advance and sharing with us all that matters assures your dog will have an exceptional pet care experience.

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