Dining With Your Dog At A Pet Friendly Restaurant

couple eating in a restaurant w/their dog

Dogs On Deck – Dining With Your Dog At A Pet Friendly Restaurant

Manners Menu –  Comfy Starter

You need to have a confident and comfy canine when dining with your dog at a pet friendly restaurant. That means a dog that is comfortable setting or laying by the chair of their family while at a busy restaurant setting. Most dogs qualify for this status by starting out with plenty of socialization. However, you can start your puppy or your new dog by learning to be comfortable setting or laying down at you own dinner table. Practice so both you and your dog welcome and enjoy the experience.

Manners Menu –  Order Up Homework

Set the stage and rules for your dog at your own outside eating area. When you have success at home, try a trusted friend, relative or neighbor’s patio table. Keep it simple and brief but use the same criteria an actual restaurant would use. Be seated where you and your dog would be most comfortable. Look for shady or corner spots that limit distractions. Provide a big bowl of water. Have your dog on leash. By training your dog to focus on you and maybe a treat to gnaw on, he will be likely to ignore his surroundings.

Manners Menu – The Proof Is In The Outing 

Start when the restaurant is least crowded. Try an early lunch or a late lunch, which ever give you the best chance.Set your dog up for success so you both enjoy the experience.Keep your dog busy, so he’s not as tuned in to what’s happening around him. While you’re eating, have a stuffed Kong for your dog. Not only will your dog be occupied, but he’ll learn that eating out is very rewarding. Keep a few special treats on hand to reward your dog for not reacting if something that would normally set him off should happen.

Manners Menu – Plan For A Sweet Exit

If you bit off more than you can chew and your starts to react, distance yourself from what’s triggering him or just get up and leave. A friend who will pay the bill and have your food packed to go is helpful. If you’re alone, leave cash to cover the check and simply walk out. If your dog just isn’t ready and can’t sit calmly go back to practicing then proofing. Seek a less busy time or place for the next meal.

Click here to see our list of our own area restaurants that have good food and are dog friendly. These sites are casual, affordable and we’ve been to most of them. So thumbs up to a pet friendly restaurant and all the dog’s that conquer the challenge of joining us when we choose to go out for a meal.