Daycare Games

Daycare-Games-LogoFondren 5 Star Pet Resort puts a great emphasis on knowing dogs and staff training in order to offer our excellent off-leash play groups.  The 2016 Daycare Games (open to all dog daycare facilities) are focused on improving an individual’s performance and proving who is best at providing these skills to the dogs in their care.

Daycare Games are fun for both the staff and the Daycare dogs.  There are three categories, the Dog Recall, the Group Sit, and the Gate Boundary in which  daycare dog handlers are monitored and successes are logged for competitive awards.  ParticipantBadge2016There are game rules for each category such as these for the Dog Recall:

  • Dogs should be located at least 6 feet away from the handler.
  • Handlers will call each dog individually using their come or recall cue.
  • A successful recall is when a dog responds to the cue within 3 seconds coming close enough that the handler can pet the dog easily.

In the Group Sit, skilled handlers are able to get all the dogs to sit and to stay seated for a few seconds.  The Gate BoundaryDaycare-Games-Paula-1 tests the skill of the handler’s control of the space in front of the gate by keeping dogs out of this space.  Only positive methods many be used – no treats or touching during the test.

Improvement of handler skills also improves  the safety and quality of of the group play by

  • keeping dogs from crowding into another dog’s personal space
  • de-escalate rough play or calm the group to allow safe access for dogs entering or exiting the group
  • calling a specific dog by name for any purpose and getting a quick response

These skills can benefit pet parents too. Dogs that have participated in the Daycare Games will have the advantage of safe and positive experiences at Daycare which can transfer to activities in the home, dog park or other social settings.  A well behaved dog is always a pleasure to be around!