Daycare Games 2018

Daycare Games

The Daycare Games

Sponsored by The Dog Gurus

As the 2018 Winter Olympics are ending,  the Daycare Games 2918 begin. The Daycare Games is an annual competition of off-leash dog play attendants and pet care centers.  It’s like the Olympics… but with dogs! Evey year our daycare staff tests their skills and procedures used to keep dogs happy and safe during off-leash play.  Although there is a great deal of pressure to do well, it’s a lot of fun!

The Competitors

Pet Care Facilities (think of them as Nations in the Olympics): Facilities compete against other pet care facilities around the globe based on number of employees that work with playgroups.

  • Small Class – single owner/operators up to 3 employees
  • Medium Class – 4 to 7 employees
  • Large Class – 8 employees or more

Dog Handlers (think of these as the individuals competing in the Olympics): Individual staff members compete against other dog handlers around the globe based on level of experience. Experience is based on employees or owner/operators:

  • Novice – still in training to be off-leash dog playgroup attendants
  • Intermediate – who have completed training at their facility and have 1 year or less experience leading dog playgroups
  • Advanced – who have over 1 year experience leading dog playgroups

The Events

 Event 1: Dog Recall – The percentage of dogs in the playgroup that come to you when called. A successful recall is when a dog that is at least 6 feet away from you responds to your cue within 3 seconds and comes close enough to you that you can pet the dog easily.

 Event 2: Group Sits – The percentage of dogs in the playgroup that will sit at the same time on cue. Count the number of dogs that have their rear touching the ground at the same time for 2 – 4 seconds

 Event 3: Managing the Gate Boundary – The percentage of dogs that you have waiting calmly at the boundary line of your entry door/gate. Dogs can be in a sit or standing position.

Recognition & Awards

Weekly Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for individual dog handlers and facilities, as well as award recognition for overall medals at the end. Lots of chances to win virtual medals, bragging rights, and hopefully a cap or shirt with the Daycare Games 2018 logo furnished by the facility.

If your dog is enrolled in a daycare play group, be sure to ask how the staff fared in the Daycare Games. It’s a great conversation starter.  If your pet care center doesn’t know about these games, send them to the Dog Guru’s  page.