Creative Grooming

Creative GroomingFun With Creative Grooming

Are you in the market for something new and different for your pet’s groom? You might want to try out Creative Grooming.  This type of grooming is a step up from regular grooming by adding ornamentation or color to the finished groom  The CGA (Creative Grooming Association) offers training seminars, certification and grooming contests which are well attended by professional groomers.

For pet parents who wish to “Bling It On”, some pet groomers are adding more options. Fancy collars and bandanas are still the norm. Now there are fun groom procedures and accessories that range from cute top knot bows to temporary tattoos or color designs in the dog’s fur.

This small but growing segment of pet grooming allows pet parents to seize the opportunity to express themselves and their ideas with the help of their companion pet and an adventurous groomer. It’s taking “La De Da” to “La De Paw”.  This is pretentious refinement and may or may not be your cup of tea. For some though, it’s a fun, contemporary way to include their pet in any of life’s special occasions.

Products used are pet safe with colors that wash out with gentle shampoo. The clipped tattoos or stencil designs in the pet coat quickly grow back.  Accessories are applied with bands like traditional bows. Most important, the pets are accepting because this additional creativity is an extension of their regular groom. Your pet fashionista will love all the extra attention they receive.

Fondren 5 Star Pet Resort offers pet safe accessories and procedures for those interested in creative grooming. Certificates for the AKC’s Safety in the Salon and the Creative Grooming Association’s Temporary Color & Accessories are displayed in our office.  Call 281-835-4445 to speak to a groomer and set up your Bow Wow’s Bling appointment!