Crate Training

Crate Training Is A Good Thing

dog resting in its crate

Dogs that have taken to crate training often have families who invested the time to train them to think of a crate as a normal life event.  When dogs accept the crate as a part of their daily routine it seems they spend a relatively small segment of their lives actually being crated. Even more important, they know what to do when crated and can reap the benefits while tolerating the limitations. Crate training is simply an extension of good manners training.

Five important crate training tips continue to be widely endorsed by general information web sites as well as leading dog training professionals who recommend using a weekend at home to crate train your dog.

  1. Placement – Place the crate in an area so your dog is with you and in view of family activities, even as an observer. The very nature of a crate is that of a portable enclosure so at night the crate should go in your bedroom.
  2. Consistency – Train for success several times a day with short sessions leading up to longer ones that establish a routine where the crate is the place where treats, meals, naps, and all things pleasant take place.
  3. Open Door Policy – Leave the crate door open after confining your dog to allow a safe and reliable place to be always available.
  4. Keep Calm & Carry On – Send the message you want your dog learn while crated by rewarding quiet behavior and never leaving him crated longer than necessary.
  5. Long Term Benefits – Curb problems associated with house-training, travel, weather, activity restrictions due to illness or surgery, necessary safety confinement or unexpected emergencies by introducing the crate as soon as you acquire your dog.

If help with crate training is needed we encourage you to reach out to the pet care providers you know and trust.  Fondren 5 Star pet Resort is able to refer to resources online or at our facility where good manners training starts with the Basic Obedience Class. Call us at 281-835-4445 to set up training for your dog.