Cool Summer Fun With Dogs

How To Make Summer Cool

dogs playing is a poolDogs wear their fur coats everyday even when trying to have some cool summer fun. When the temp pushes from the 90’s into the triple digit range here’s our answer to having cool summer fun with dogs.

Dogs need plenty of fresh clean water every day and especially in the summer.

  • If possible, get your dog wet before beginning any outdoor training or activity. Starting your dog off wet will help to prevent them from getting too hot in the first place.
  • Cool frequently with wet or frozen towels.
  • Fill a toddler pool and let your dog lounge in the water.
  • Make the pool inviting by adding some easy stairs or ramps into and out of the pool plus use floating toys.
  • Get your dogs wet both before and after play or when you go on walks.

More Cool Summer Fun With Dogs

No pool? Use the garden hose for cool summer fun with dogs. Keep on the lawn and out of the flower beds. Be sure to turn off the water faucet when you’re done.

  • Let your dog chase the water stream.
  • Attach a spinner sprayer to your hose to mimic a summer shower.
  • Fill up water balloons and play catch.
  • Attach a misting nozzle to your hose then raise the hose to height to allow a mist to cool the area.

However you choose to use water for cool summer fun with your dog, have fun and be safe. Dogs pant to remove heat from their body. If their panting is compromised or if it’s just too hot outside, they can have real health emergencies such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke.