Choosing Exceptional Pet Care

5 Ways to take the SCARE out of Pet Care Choices

woman looking shocked

Some things in life are scary but choosing exceptional pet care doesn’t have to be one of them.  Start with some sensible guidelines and relieve your fears by following this 5 point check list.

1. Tour your choices

Your best friend’s second home should be conveniently located and welcoming.  Use personal recommendations from your friends and family to narrow your choices.  Have a standard list of questions for each facility you visit.  Your level of confidence should grow by meeting the people who will be caring for your pet.  Look for a comfort level that fills you with a sense of security and peace of mind.

small dog looking out of a window2. Choose for individual needs

Your pet’s individual needs are of primary concern to you and should be shared by your pet care provider.  Exceptional pet care facilities will focus on the needs each pet brings.  Ask about their education, affiliations, number of years in business, community involvement, references and past pet related experiences.  Your interview is for a member of your family.

3. Allow expert recommendations

Look for the pet care provider who admits to almost obsessive efforts to keep pets happy and healthy by offering activities and staff interactions with pets.  View client testimonials, on-line recommendations and other pet professionals recommendations.  Reputations are earned through the trust of individuals who expect and rely on outstanding pet care.  Follow their lead to learn who has your pet’s best interest at heart.  When you find the exceptional pet care that you can enjoy and appreciate, be sure to tell others.

dogs on the play yardDog Gurus Group Play trust badge

4. Respect health/safety policies

An exceptional pet care facility will have certain health and vaccination requirements to ensure protection for all pets.   They will diligently follow proven protocols to keep a safe and secure environment.  Check your pet’s vaccinations and get an update if needed.  Businesses providing a Safety Pledge, a Healthy Pet Program or a Pet Care Warranty deserve an additional level of consideration.

5. Expect fare and open exchanges

dog sitting on a welcome mat

Clear, concise, accurate information is a critical part of exceptional pet care.   Seek out those who welcome your comments and concerns that serve to strengthen customer relations.  Since misunderstandings tend to undermine trust, look for providers who have the empathy to go the extra mile to guarantee your satisfaction.


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