Pet Boarding

Pets and Travel Plans

Pets and Travel Plans Many people consider travel an adventure and happily embrace detours, delays, changes and additional charges as part of the process. Others travel only when required to do so and are much happier to stay home. So, what to do when you have pets and travel plans? Do they go, or do…

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First Aid For Pets

First Aid For Pets The number one rule for first aid for pets is you’re never wrong to call! You know your pet better than anyone else. If you notice your pet behaving in a way that’s unusual or if something just doesn’t seem right, call your vet and check it out. You may need…

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The Way You Greet Your Pet Counts

Proper Pet Greeting One of the joys pet lovers share are the greetings and endearments they bestow on pets. The purpose is clear, to show how much they love a pet. Okay pet lover, do you greet your dog by patting your hand on top of his head? Do you shake hand-to-paw? Do you give…

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A Day At The Pet Resort

What Happens During A Day At The Pet Resort?   My family knows there are times when I would feel better and they would too if I were checked into my favorite Pet Care Center. I just want to show you what a day at the pet resort is really like. Especially if you’ve got…

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Tips To Enjoy The Holiday

Holiday Realities and Remedies! Before we show you some tips for holiday enjoyment, take a minute to read these reality or remedy captions for the photo of the puppy: 1. This happy puppy is a well trained actor and posing for just the right photo. 2. This cute puppy is the only pet in the…

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