Eliminate Shedding With The FURminator

Love The Dog…Hate The Hair?What’s Available To Eliminate Shedding Dog Hair All dogs shed!  The urgency you feel about eliminating shedding dog hair may increase by the amount of dog hair on your furniture, your carpet, your car and your clothes.  This can’t be good so what do you do? Vacuum and Sweep all the…

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Best Choices For Pet Care Essentials

Best Choices For Pet Care Essentials   Busy families want to make smart buys and best choices for pet care essentials. We want to help by offering our review of five items essential to pet care. We encourage you to look into these five best choices pet care essentials.     Latigo Leashes Are Worth…

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New Year Resolutions

Resolutions Heading into 2017! It’s important to make healthy New Year’s Resolutions for the whole family including your pets. We’d like to challenge you to add some of these activities to your calendar as you make your new year resolutions. 1. Walk More! With a new dog in my household, I’m finding out I can…

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6 Best Pet Grooming FAQ

If one or more of these pet grooming FAQ are ones you’d ask, take a look at the answers we have for you! Pet Grooming FAQ #1. My dog doesn’t like baths. If he has one while there will he still like to come for boarding? ANSWER:  Few dogs would choose to jump in a…

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Teeth Brushing

The Truth About Teeth Brushing If the truth about teeth brushing be known, many pet parents are mistakenly unconcerned about their pet’s oral health. Maybe their dog changed his name to Fang when they tried teeth brushing and they gave up after the first attempt. Perhaps they think all dogs have bad breath. The truth…

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