Dogs Coats Are Amazing

Dogs Coats Are Amazing Dogs coats are amazing because they come in such a variety of color, style, length, texture and volume. These amazing coats help us recognize dog breeds as well as our own dog. They are also the dog’s first layer of protection from the elements and for the environment in which they…

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Teaching Sit – A Dog Training Basic

Dog Training basics – Teaching Sit Consistently Teaching Sit If you have a new dog or a new puppy chances are you are into dog training basics – teaching sit. Regardless of its prior home or age, optimizing the reliability of the dog sitting when you ask or when you stop walking or when you…

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A Day At The Pet Resort

What Happens During A Day At The Pet Resort?   My family knows there are times when I would feel better and they would too if I were checked into my favorite Pet Care Center. I just want to show you what a day at the pet resort is really like. Especially if you’ve got…

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Is Your Dog Stressed?

Is your dog stressed? Just like people, dogs experience stress in their everyday lives. Just like people, it’s how you handle the stress that makes the difference. Going to the groomers or getting a training lesson are regular rather than foreign routines. Initially these outings can be considered foreign and cause some anxiety so how…

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